Wednesday, July 08, 2009

You are what you repeatedly do.

Idea for this post via The Happy Runner, who raised the topic via MizFit. Check them out. Show them love. Rejoice.

I'm taking it in the larger context: beyond the obvious description of how I run. Because it's my blog, so there.

I am what I repeatedly do.

Hmm. Okay.

{pause for reflection}

I am the mom rolling out of bed against my selfish desires at 7:30 to pour the cereal because I can't bear to ignore my kids when they are hungry. I am also the mom that will leave my kids to video games so I can get a nap once in a while.

I am the teacher that cares way too much about what people think about her for seven years in to this job. I am the one that can't bear to disappoint people, so I say yes too much.

I am the girl who eats Taco Bell to often, but who feels McDonald's Two Cheeseburger Meal is the ultimate comfort food. (It's still #2 to ME!) I am the wife who tries to cook Gluten-free as much as possible.

I am the slacker who avoids dishes and laundry at all costs. I am also the one who desperately wants her house to be clean. Go figure.

I am the reader who barely ever has time or energy to read. I am the lover of reality TV and blogs.

I am the sporadic runner, though I certainly would like to be more than that. I am the person who gets sick every other week and sabotages her chances of repetition and success.

I am the sister who calls Lis every day on the way home from work.

I am the nit-picker who is obsessed with the structure of essays, and trying to figure out how to impart that knowledge to eighteen year-olds who couldn't give two craps. I am the nit-picker who finds joy in deciphering symbols in any story.

I am the slow runner by most standards (generally 12:00 minute mile) but I am the one who celebrates this new health kick I'm on.

I am the drinker of lemon drops. White wine. Red wine. Hefeweizen (with oranges). Coke, but not obsessing to the point of Pepsi opt-outs. I'll even drink generic cola. *gasp*

I am the veggie eater who avoids cucumbers and bell peppers.

I am the nerd who checks my Google reader first thing when I wake up.

I am the mother that kisses Hank in the dent just above his nose, and kisses Miss Roo on the top of her head. I am the weirdo that takes big whiffs of my kids and tries to commit their smell to memory.

I am the lady who tricks her son into telling her that she's his girl.

I am the supportive spouse who often wishes for her own support.

I am the uncreative chef who frequently makes burrito bowls. I am the freak who sees colors in numbers. I am the writer who blogs like a maniac.

I am the young woman who gets angry when people tell her that she's too young, or looks like a student, or when they judge that she must not know enough about what she's talking about.

I am the English teacher with a serious lack of attention to detail who gets embarrassed when E fixes her typos, but who is also supremely grateful.

So who are you?

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  1. All of these and more are what makes you, you! Now that you know who you are that is when the true journey begins! You can improve and learn what makes YOU happy. You go girl!