Friday, July 24, 2009

With Malice Toward None

Sounds like a good way to live life, right?

Well, it's also the name of the Library of Congress exhibit at the California Museum right now. The exhibit features many original documents related to Lincoln's presidency, and a few artifacts from his life, including one of his chairs, the items found in his pocket when he was assassinated, and a program from the Ford Theater with his blood stain on it. I was most impressed by the Lincoln Bible (Obama used it for his inaguration too) and by the copies of his speeches with his handwritten notes on them. It was cool. A little bit over Ad's head, but I think she liked it too.

She was pretty concerned over the idea of slavery (she wanted me to know that she never ever wants to be a slave) and she was pretty impressed by the idea that they "let" Obama take something out of a museum for his inaguration. Pretty cool, since she watched that happen on TV at school.

This is unrelated to Lincoln, but interesting as well. I thought I'd share with you some of the Google search phrases that bring people to my site. It's always kind of interesting to me. Here they are from this week, in order from lowest frequency to highest:
  • "Nah nah nah hey" or "nah nah nah nah hey hey hey" or many variations thereof: Brought people to this post about my new running shoes. It's funny, because when I wrote that, I had the OLD song stuck in my head. I was accidentally current. Whoops. I'm sure once they got here, it wasn't what they expected.
  • "Yosemite" Yeah. Love it. My most recent post: Back from Yosemite.
  • "PE is ruining my marriage." That could not make me laugh any harder. I hope they figured out why PE was ruining their marriage, but it led them to my post, Why PE screwed me up.
  • "Retrouvaille." I'm glad this one brings people here a lot. It's a great program and I totally believe in it. I think that E and I need to go and finish our post-sessions. I'll post about that in its own post sometime soon. Post.
  • "do sunny side up babies require a c-section?" In my case, yes. That phrase brought them to this post about Addie's birth.
  • "grocery list for dinners" Not sure where they ended up, but good luck. It's always kind of a crap shoot around here.
  • "puff pastry, asparagus, gruyere appetizer recipe" I didn't really mean to, but I find myself writing about (and eating) asparagus quite often. I'm also a total biter, and one of my best recipes is a tart that I got from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. The recipe is here.
  • "alis grave nil meaning" It means "nothing is heavy to those who have wings." Nice, huh? Yeah, I liked it enough to make it the title of my blurg.
  • "strength finder themes" LOVE. THIS. BOOK. Very cool. You buy it, it tells you about your strengths and personality. You can read my profile here from after I bought it.
  • "zebra toes" This is one of the most frequent reasons I get visitors. You can read the post about the ill-fated zebra toe extravaganza here.
  • "hold glass water" brought people to this post which was a great email forward from my bestie.
  • "brown variegated yarn" Boy, doesn't get hotter than that. Wowzers. I'm ashamed that ranks so high on the list.
  • #1 search this week that brough people here? Jeez, this kills me because it is so uninteresting. Are you ready for it? "Meg in placerville soccer facebook." Right. Hope you find her, Googley.
Happy Friday you guys! Hope you're doing something awesome.

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