Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Wee Hours of the Fourth

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Phewf. Post-holiday glee is toothpicking the monkeys' eyes open for a few minutes more on the off chance there's something else ahead that they might miss. We've just come home at almost a full three hours late for bedtime; Henry is on a mattress on the floor, walled in by pillows on three sides. My idealistic co-sleeping dreams of yesterday, shattered like a juice glass in the garbage disposal, are trashed. Two bony knees and one wayward elbow that knows its parentage showed me who was boss. Hint: not me. Three times awake in the night? Hello, I don't have an infant. Buh-bye, family bed.

Two monkeys plus one mom in bed is unequal to sleep--topic enough for its own future post, I'm sure. I've made him his own mini-nest one foot to my right and three feet down. He seems to be content with the arrangement, but as I know these things don't usually reveal themselves until the ungodly hours anyway. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that our lakeside romp and his lack of compliance with his prescribed afternoon nap will guarantee a peaceful night.

Ah, the over-lake fireworks display. Twenty-three minutes of pyrotechnic swagger, trotted out for the oohs and aahs of the teeming hordes. I'm glad our little private neighborhood horde wasn't teeming with anything. No need to sit among the sweaty masses when you know somebody with a lawn and a marina view! Chairs. God bless them. Private parking. Angelic. Space. Divine.

Tonight's main event was overhead firework watching, which is admittedly a little distant and repetitive for the attention span of kids or gnats. (Same diff.) Something about the street-level cul-de-sac show where Dad lights fuses and Mom calls out anxiously from under a blanket in the driveway is just more tangible. It's the difference between holding that sparkler in your hand while three aunties yell NOT SO CLOSE and the awe and delayed boom of a sky-work in your chest. Harder for kids to qualify, but true.

Tonight was a supreme anthropological display of the family dynamic. It went a little something like this: Ten minutes of prepping chairs. Grandma handing out glow necklaces. Grandma adjusting glow necklaces.... kids asking is it starting yet? Parents chanting Not yet. Glow necklace leakage. Necklace-fussing--I want mine to go on my arms, no I want mine off my neck so I can spin it around, Grandma can you fix mine? I want it like Caleb's--sigh. Did it start yet? No. Patience, Henry San. Two minutes of thinking we're in the wrong place and they moved the display this year. Manic packing, relocation of the group. Fireworks starting while we're on the wrong side of the house because we relocated. Sigh, sigh. Re-relocation. Finally, the start.

Kids watch fireworks for three point one four seconds.

Mom, this is boring. It's going to slow/too little/I can't hear the music.. Kids skip and chase each other in the dark like it's any other day of the month. Like it's the FIFTH of July for Gosh sakes. Like it's August fourth.

Grandma telling kids to sit down and watch fireworks. Roo doing what Roo does, which is doing what Grandma says.

Boys chasing, running, skipping, swinging, playing until the last burst of three fireworks twenty minutes later, to which they turn their sweaty heads and say,

Hey, cool.

Yes, it was. I miss E, but Holidays that are about barbecued meat, blowing things up, and hanging out with the fam are pretty much alright by me.

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  1. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time even though E wasn't there! Glad the kiddos were so entertaining. :)