Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Thank you, Captain Obvious

Obvious observation for the day:
When you eat healthy, lower calorie meals, you don't stay full as long as you do with fillers. Fillers fill.
When I talk about fillers, I'm not talking about that little image to the right. I'll get to that in a minute. I mean that before, when I was eating junk food like it was going out of style--drive-thru this, instant that, out-of-a box everything, cheese as a vegetable--I felt full much longer after each meal.

I know. Try not to laugh at the ease with which I get excited over a relatively "duh" kind of discovery. Call it an epiphany of simplistic proportions.

I'm just noticing that as I eat really healthy, you know, stuff, I'm feeling hungry way more frequently. This is a good thing though. When I eat, I eat until I feel full and satisfied. Like I said yesterday, I'm eating massive quantities of veggies and fruit along with whatever main dish I have which is extremely satisfying (love summer produce!), but I am definitely feeling the pull of hunger within two to three hours.

I don't mind. I'm trying really hard to listen to my body. Previously, I know I ate when I felt hungry, but hungry was synonymous with bored. I don't mind being a little hungry now because it's allowing me to sense much more what my body needs and then eat something good to fill it up. (Plus, let's call a hot dog a hot dog. I could stand to be a little bit hungry, if I'm really so interested in lowering this BMI.)

This morning I had a piece of whole wheat toast with some almond butter and a little bit of my homemade blackberry jam. No morning snack today because I got up so darned late. For lunch, I had a wrap of leftover grilled chicken breast, spinach, kidney beans, leftover steamed asparagus, a sprinkling of feta, and a heap or two of salsa. I've learned that salsa is one of my best allies in this healthy eating quest. Salsa on everything. Flavor without sacrifice.

Wrap-related note: I am in love with La Tortilla Factory Soft Wraps. 13 g of fiber and 8 grams of protein in each one. And they're soft. Dang.

Good eats. But by 2:30, I was ravenous. You know, the kind of hunger that could send me barging into a Taco Bell, hunched and drooling, with one twitchy eye and a look that says gimme the Cheesy Gordita Crunch or I'm gonna blow this place sky high. The Taco Bell urge, it was strong today. Didn't do it though. I decided it would be worse to GO to Taco Bell and then deny myself the Cheesy Gordita ambrosia than to just stay home and figure out an alternative.

Afternoon snack was a Purple Monster. I'm out of spinach, along with almost all other fresh fruits and veggies, so I threw together what I had on hand:
Purple Monster
one cup Almond milk
half frozen banana
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
1 scoop protein powder
This afternoon I placed an order on Safeway.com. God, I love Safeway. Please keep her safe and protect her and allow her to keep sending me emails with free delivery codes. I was all set to go to the store, but shopping online (when I have a code for a free delivery) definitely makes a difference in how much I spend. It's much harder to impulse buy when you can see your whole cart at a glance, with prices. I'm also way more likely to buy generic or notice sales (and price per ounce) when it's in front of me. I don't go for nearly as much as I do in the store. But still, I'm waiting. No food in the house today.

Dinner wasn't uber healthy, but I'm still under on my daily calorie budget. After soccer we were all cranky, so I stopped and picked up a Little Caesars Hot N Ready Cheese Pizza. (Only six bucks!) Didn't eat the whole pie, don't worry. I did a little research on the ol' iPhone first to figure out what a suitable serving size would be. I did also listen to my body after dinner, and she told me tonight that she needed chocolate. Hello, Ghiradelli's super duper dark squares. Serving size said 3... I only ate one, and I enjoyed the heck out of it. It was only 63 calories for that one. I think it was worth it.

So yeah. That's about it. I'm off to put the monkeys in bed so I can do that Yoga I was talking about, and then I need to do some serious situp/pushup/pullup action. I already put it all into Lose It, so I better stay honest. *sigh*


  1. Ugh...why does eating healthy have to be so much work!?!?! Sounds like you are doing great though with the changes! I like your mindset about the hunger feelings- I never stopped to think that it might be my body telling me what I need more of. Great post :) xo

  2. Green Monster! Purple Monster! Aye! Heather, you're gonna get sick again.

    OK. Speaking of food. I just ate a Caprese sandwich at a fancy coffee shop and I'm like sweating and breaking out in hives. Now that I think about it, I sweat and break out in hives every time I eat this sammie.

    It's just so delicious. I can't refrain.

    Ghiradelli chocolates are divine, but Reese's Cups are better.