Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Q&A: What do you want to know?

I'm not sure what to write about right now, and this has been percolating amongst the mind grapes for a while now. I love having a blog. It's given me the chance to meet lots of new people (two just this week!) and reconnect with some I've known for a long time. It helps me to chronicle the lives of my kiddos. Most important person this little venture has helped me know a little better? Me. Corny, I know. Sorry.

So what I've been thinking about for a while is doing a little Q&A thing. Maybe once a week. Maybe once, if I only get one Q.

Not that I claim to be an expert on anything, but you might want to know something I know about. Like my meatloaf recipe. Or how to make jam. Or how to order at Chevy's or a coffee place without sounding like an idiot (waitressing and barista-ing--two former careers). Or how to become a runner after 29.8 years of pure running hatred. I'm the most open former dancer/dance teacher/English teacher/Mom/Cook/Wife/been through marriage trouble/crocheter/wannabe runner/introverted extrovert/wannabe writer-expertish person you know. Only without the expert part.

Perhaps there's something you want to know about us that I haven't covered. I don't know what that could be--but you're welcome to ask. This is like that thing some teachers did on the first day of school where you could write down an anonymous question on a slip of paper--about anything, and they'd try to answer it.

So... if you want to ask me something, ANYTHING, go for it.

I will try to take the questions and respond to them because I simply don't have enough to write about on my own. Well... not true, but I thought this would be fun too. I will leave the names anonymous. Let's try it, shall we?

Don't leave me hangin'. I don't want this to be the metaphorical equivalent of my waving across the quad at someone who doesn't notice me. Hope somebody asks something here. Keep it kind, huh? It's nice to be nice. No questions like "why are you such a freaking idiot?"--that one would be hard to answer. I claim my veto and my right to select questions carefully, but as always I will try to be honest. And you can ask about any topic. That part doesn't bother me. I don't really have anything to hide.

Want to participate? Cool. Just email me:

Questions welcome from anyone, even you. (Yeah, you lurking former students, I mean you too.) Let's see how this goes. I'm game.