Monday, July 20, 2009

Okilliee Dokillee

So, some other stuff. I am 100% stuck in bed, and damn cranky about it. Could I please NOT be sick so often? Especially when this is one of the most important times, like, in my whole marriage, and I'm supposed to be enjoying summer. Like totally. Little more than a week separates us from normalcy. CAN'T. FREAKING. WAIT.

Being sick in the summer is retarded. It's hot outside, it's hot in my head, and it's hot in my throbbing, yuck-filled sinuses. Enough about that. Being sick also means I'm sitting here with chapped lips, stubbly legs, and a ratty ponytail that is sticking straight up like a sparkler. I'm a total mouth breather right now. Glamorous, no?

Tonight I got some of this:

Please don't tell anybody. But it was so good. SO FLIPPING GOOD. I just needed some Taco Bell in my life, okay? It's been since May, I think. I'm still losing weight, and I've been really good about my eating (even in Yosemite), but I feel like C-R-A-P today and that always means I want to eat some junk. I figured it was okay since the only other calories I've had today we're a Gatorade and some sugar-free Jello. Can't eat much when I'm sick.

It didn't hurt that I knew I could get a Frutista Freeze to ease my sore throat too. Maybe some fast food for the kids.


I watched three discs of LOST today. I'm not proud. It's shameful. Dang, that show is good. Is it worth mentioning that I basically thing EVERY guy on LOST is amazing eye candy? Jack, Sawyer, Sayid... I even catch myself thinking Jin is cute and I can't understand anything he says. I think I have a problem, or maybe I've been watching too much of this show. Basically, I just lay here on my pillows and stuff Kleenex up my nose so it doesn't run all over my face. Who gets a runny nose at 30? It's like I'm a four year old. I'm ready to be done being sick. Anytime, nose. Adding insult to injury is my current hormonal crankiness. Maybe it's a good thing E is gone--for his own safety. Reminds me of this.

In addition to my three discs of LOST (I won't even do the math on how many hours of TV that was...) I caught up on SYTYCD. Buh-bye, Kupono. I was sorry to see Randi go, but it was time. Everyone is so good this year, and I can't wait for the 100th episode special this week. Yay dance shows, and yay not teaching dance this year. For once, it's nice just to be watching and not filing all that away for work.

I'm still cooking up that post about my lovely anxiety attack in Yosemite, but not yet. I was called to justify the whole blog thing a few times this week, and it is making me feel weird. While E is fine with it and I know how much having this blog has helped me, and how much it has helped me connect with people who I never would have been able to otherwise, not everybody is a fan of me being so public with my thoughts. It's just giving me a lot to think about. I'll probably work on that one later tonight, after I finish watching My Life on the D List. I heart Kathy Griffin. She's so fabulously inappropriate.

Okay, peeps. Back to being sick, piles of Kleenex, and maybe some more of The Thorn Birds. Too bad they figured out that Zicam eats away your nose. I wish there was a solution to being sick that didn't involve corrosion.


  1. one of my friends at work (the only other person who shares my obsession with SYTYCD) is going to see the filming of Thursday's jealous!!! i can't wait for this week either!

  2. Just so you know, I enjoy reading about your life and want to hear about your anxiety attack. Sometimes I feel one coming on, and I know how horrible they are so I find solace in knowing that other people have them too

  3. Um....that Annuale "commercial"? Friggin' hilarious!! It made my tummy pains go away for about a minute or so!