Thursday, July 09, 2009

Distraction time. I got tagged.

This entire post is toward the effort of distracting myself from my bad mood.

Don't forget to email me if there's something you want to know. I'm still collecting Qs for my first Q&A. Ask me anything. I'm game.

I am way behind lately. Too focused on my own crud to keep up with things. A while ago, Michelle tagged me with an Honest Scrap award, and I haven't had a chance to get to it yet. Michelle is one of my dance buddies--the girls I grew up with at my dance studio, basically from the years between 13 and college. I still hold those girls in my heart, though most of them are really far away from me and we don't get to hear from each other that often. Michelle is pregnant with her third baby! So exciting.

Anyway, Tracy also tagged me with something similar this morning, though it doesn't have the "Honest Scrap" title. So I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. (Have I talked about Tracy before? Don't think so.) I've known Tracy since she was teeny... her dad is the legendary "Fireman Mike" of our town. He used to come and talk to my mom's Kindergarten class about fire safety, and he had these three adorable little girls. My sister was good friends with her sister, Kelly, and I also knew Kel in high school. When I was student teaching, I spent an entire semester observing her other sister, Julie's, 6th period English class. Finally, Tracy ended up in my AP English class her senior year. She was buds with the daughter of the Bestie, who I wouldn't meet for years to come. Small world, huh?

Okay, so what's the deal with this award? I'm not being facetious... I really don't know what "Honest Scrap" is supposed to mean. Does it mean to, like, scrapbook with integrity? I like to believe it means I am honestly one scrappy broad. That's how I'm going to take it. Scrappy, like some tough little fighter. Rawr. According to the picture, it means I've got my disembodied man arm ready to hammer something, and I can shoot lighting bolts out of my used-to-be elbow. Sweet.

Have I ever told you that I have man hands in real life? No lie. Ask E.

On to the business of this award, which is twofold:

#1: Describe 10 things about myself that you might not know.

#2: Tag seven rockin' blog buddies to do the same.


How is it possible there are 10 things I haven't already talked about, beaten to death, and dragged through the dirt? Welp, I'll try.
  1. I think hummus is divine.
  2. I get really bad headaches when I don't drink Coke. Consequently, I have had a really bad headache for a few days.
  3. I absolutely cannot stand the font "Comic Sans." It's just gross.
  4. I can't watch LOST at night, I'm too scared. (Especially now that E is gone.)
  5. My dad makes the world's best guacamole and homemade salsa. I know that isn't about me, but you could read it like "I think that..." and then it's about me. Yum.
  6. I think I've mentioned this before, but I really want to go to Tahiti/Fiji/Bora Bora/Moorea. I know there's not really any chance of this since we don't really travel and we don't really have money, but it's a dream. I've always said if I'm going to use my French, I'd like it to be in a tropical location. Mais oui!
  7. I guess this goes along with #4, but when I'm alone, I'm kind of paranoid about uncovered windows or doors at night, even in the country. I don't like that people can see in and I can't see out. When I was in college I used to house-sit for a family whose entire back of the house was uncovered windows. It scared me to death. I used to spend the entire night in bed--studying, eating, watching TV--in the master bedroom because it was the only room with curtains.
  8. I love getting an ice cream cone from the stand at Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe. Poor me though, the last two times I've been there, nobody has taken me. Feel appropriately sorry for me, if you will. It's pitiful, I know.
  9. My left foot is a size 8.5, while my right foot is a size 8. I wear size 9 shoes most of the time now, unless they're cute and on sale, in which case I will wear anything that even remotely fits.
  10. I love soft pretzels, especially Mickey Mouse-shaped ones in Disney parks.

April @ See April Work
My sister-in-law: collector of pens and all handbags fabulous.

Jeannette @ The Cobabes
One of my former students and Drill Teamers, awesome mama to an adorable monkey named Emery.

Heidi @ While My Boyfriend Was Sleeping
Hilarious new buddy/great writer with an awesome blog named Lance.

Christina (I call her Chun Chun, she calls me Par Par) @ Random Acts of Chunness
My other third from the high school Performing Arts Department who has moved on to bigger and better things.

Becky @ Bec-A-Lec
High School classmate who I've gotten to know better because of this her blog.

Sarah @ The Reeds in Texas
Another ballet buddy (like Michelle) from back in the day.

Annemarie @ Brunch At Saks
Another former student (this one from my first year teaching) and the one who helps me with preschool HTML.

Okay, speaking of distractions, LOST needs my full attention now. Peace out, Nerds.


  1. Oh thank you for the tag!!! I love your 10 things- especially the Mickey Mouse soft pretzels! One of the best (if not THE best) things about Disneyland! :) xoxo

  2. I like Comic Sans. Please don't hate me. :-)

  3. Love the random facts - too funny!

    I also get very paranoid about uncovered/open windows. It could have something to do with the fact that I hear at least one car alarm go off every night, or some other contributing factors, but yea, I'm definitely paranoid at times!