Monday, June 08, 2009

Tuptakes, Mmmm!

When Ad was about two, every time she'd see a cupcake, she'd blurt out "Tuptakes, Mmm!" and so it has become a part of the family lexicon. I like to bake with the kids as much as I can because it's one of the things I really enjoy, and it's such a nice way to spend time together. Last night at Safeway I let them each pick out a cake mix for cupcakes, so tonight was Henry's choice: yellow cake.

We had fun. I'm really trying to eat better, but I figured the QT outweighed my caloric concerns. They had a blast, and as usual, ended up with chocolate mustaches. Henry actually only ate frosting, so it was kind of pointless that we baked the kind of cake he wanted anyway. Welcome to being the parent of a four year old.

Tonight I also have a guest poster. She wrote this by herself right after we finished baking (she didn't know I was going to use it here--she has her own blog she uses like a journal, so I pilfered it from there. I'm so sneaky!)

My Cupcakes
by Addie

Today I made cupcakes. First we made the batter. Second we licked the batter off the beater. Third we put them in the rappers. Fourth we let them bake. Fith we put frosting and springkles on them.And last we ate them.

Genius, right?

What's your favorite kind of cupcake/frosting combo? Mine's chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting (homemade only, no cans, PLEASE) without a doubt.

The boy and I had another good day today--more trains, cleaning his room and closet, folding laundry... the excitement never stops. He was a little bit too much for me today--a total chatterbox--and I think this is because he's just so excited that Mommy is home to listen to him that he doesn't know what to do with himself. We taught Cal how to do a few (very remedial) tricks this morning for a banana, and I even managed to get in a run when E came home for lunch. A good day.

For the last five days or so I have random throat pain at night (like excruciating pain in my throat) that seems to vanish during the day... no idea... but anyway, I'm headed for bed in a few because of it. I got out my crochet today so I could finish the scrap blanket I'm making and allow myself the indulgence of going to WalMart for new yarn. I'll post about crochet tomorrow. Try not to get too excited, okay? It'll be here before you know it. It's the simple pleasures, you know.


  1. Seriously, I am interested in crochet! I have just started learning and know a couple of the stitches. My first project is a baby blanket for one of my friends. I had to "Google" most of the pattern to figure out what the heck I was doing. But I really enjoy it.

  2. Great, I always have a sweet tooth. Now, its worse than ever. I'm thinking about brownies right now, but it's a little late to be making them. I wish they were already made. Laid out in front of me.

    I like homemade frosting. My mom's. I dont know what "kind" it is. I just call it homemade. I also like cream cheese frosting. I don't really have a favorite cake mix for cupcakes. Although confetti is fun.

  3. What did you do with the cupcakes that Hank defrosted?

  4. I think my favorite is chocolate cupcakes (from scratch) with peppermint frosting (from scratch)! And I use food coloring to make the frosting green. Mmmmmmmm.

    Though I have to say the best frosting EVER was a batch of fudge I made that didn't solidify. "Fudge Flop Frosting." It was dreamy.

    Your kids are adorable, if I haven't already said that.

  5. I'm a yellow cake with chocolate frosting kind of girl. However, Babycakes on J St. makes the best cupcakes EVER! Love them all! Cooking with kids is awesome. C's favorite thing to do right now is squeeze lemons for lemonade. :)

  6. Kayda--I'm serious, the book 'I can't believe I'm crocheting' is the best thing out there. I also like 'Stitch and Bitch, the Happy Hooker.'

    Pat--garbage. No idea what else I'd do. We finally convinced him to eat the whole thing on the next one.

    Katherine--peppermint? Yum!