Sunday, June 07, 2009

Technical Problem?

First: A shout-out to Kathy D. Hey you. Thanks for reading all the time. It was good to see you yesterday too. :)

Second: Are other people having problems commenting too? Is there a glitch that I'm not aware of? If there is and you can't comment (duh) just email me and let me know: I already know it hasn't been working for Kathy or for Terri. I had been having trouble even OPENING the comment window at school if I was using Firefox rather than Explorer, but that may just be a school-related problem? Anyway, I wanted to offer a little help.

Comment lesson:

When you want to comment, from the main page, click on the comment link on the bottom left of a post... 0 Comments, or 1 Comment, or whatever. If you're on the individual page for a post, click "Post a Comment." BEFORE you write your comment, decide how you're going to post it. (If you write the comment then try to login or create a login, it could cause problems.)

Easiest--Anonymous. Type, then hit submit. No registering for anything. If you don't really want to be anonymous, then just give me your John Hancock at the end of the post.

Almost as Easy--Name/URL. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A URL (that means website) but if you do, like myspace, etc, you can put it there. But more importantly, you can just enter your name. Easy Peasy.

Difficult--OpenID--Ignore unless you're super nerdtastic like I am and you actually know what that means.

Easier, over time--Create a Google Profile. (This is also a blogger profile.) This way, the blog will remember who you are every time you visit--no logging in. If you do that, you can also become a follower, and then your beautiful mug will grace the right hand column of my blog. Followers also get updates of each post through their blogger profile, if you want to go about that a different way too. You don't need a Google email (GMail) to have a Google account. I use my Yahoo email as my login.
To create a brand spankin' new Google Account click here.
Okay, hopefully this helps a little bit. I know that a lot of the people that read this here blog aren't big time blog-readers, and I want you to be able to join in on the fun too. Email me if you have any more questions, or if it still won't work.

Peace out.

E: The tabbed link is for you. :) I figured it out!


  1. Heather, I'm hoping I am posting the first comment to show that I passed the "technical" portion of this exam. If I did, then you can give me my letter grade and expect to hear from me more often. I'm trying anonymous first and will then graduate to name/url, OPENID, and ultimately, Google Account City. Woo Hooo! Kathy Darling

  2. Where's my letter grade? :)

  3. Oh, sorry. I'm off for the summer--no grading! I was going to give you a B+, but you've used your name now, so it's officially an A. :)