Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Nights

The only thing missing is the "summer" part. I will reiterate: WHERE IS THE WARM?

Try to ignore the patchy grass in the picture--Cal the wonder pup has wreaked (is that past tense for wreak?) havoc on our lawn over the past year. We're actually just about to reseed it and fence it off for a while so it can heal.

Last night was ten shades of fabulous. After a burrito bowl dinner, we went out back and soccered it up with the monkeys. We played a little two-on-two, a little keep away, and had the kids practice some of the things they've been learning. They're doing okay, but the boy is "that kid"--the one that starts crying at every game, every time somebody kicks the ball away from him. We have confidence issues.

Our kids aren't aggressive. It's just not in their nature. Is it possible that we can help them find a healthy sense of assertiveness through sports? I'm hoping it is.

After family PE, we got in our cozies and packed up the car with snacks and drinks for the movies. Summer time is the time I most wish that Maude, our 1954 Ford Customline, is operational. She's not--she's in a million pieces on the garage floor, so it was my car that we had to take. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but Maude is basically two big fluffy couches on an exhaust system (lub, lub, lub, lub, lub, lib, lub...) and wheels, so the accommodations are a little bit more plush, if not as chic or fuel-efficient.

Worth mentioning: I love the movie Up. I love Pixar. I love Disney. I love watching movies that work on a kid level and an adult level. I love the drive-ins.

Drive-ins: God's answer to feeling embarrassed about the fact that your four year old talks through every movie, even when he promises not to.

Our city's drive-in is SO JANKY though. It wouldn't bother me if I could make it through a movie without having to go to the bathroom, but I am pretty sure that when Ad and Hank were in utero, they reset the timer on my bladder. Now it has a max setting that rivals that of a geriatric woman. The screens, the dirt mounds for parking cars--those are all fabulous. The bathrooms/ snack bar area are the seedy underbelly of the drive-in, though. Somehow I always find myself in there in line with a veritable cornucopia of colorful locals, crossing my legs and praying that the three stalls that a) work, b) have a lock, and c) aren't flooded will clear out quickly.

Another thing that puts a little fear into my heart is that the bathrooms haven't been updated since the 1960s when this place was built. Several stalls along the left hand side stopped working--but that wasn't cause for closing them down, nor did it cause anyone to call a plumber. They just knocked out the stall walls and the toilets. So I stand in line, face to face with the remains of the plumbing plus the GIANT HOLES IN THE GROUND WHERE THE TOILETS USED TO DRAIN. It's like the set from a Steven Seagal movie--I expect him at any moment to slide around the corner, freshly ponytailed, to bash a nameless henchman's head into the wall.

Dear County Health Department,
WHAT? Uncovered holes in the floor from toilet drains. Really?
Love, P

Seriously. Healthy? Safe? Classy? Clean? The answer is E) NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Yeah. I had to take Hank in there and I had to give him the speech: Don't you dare touch anything, and don't let your feet hit the floor and watch for puddles, and don't talk to anyone and don't you dare open this door while I am going to the bathroom, and no you can't look in that little silver trash can in the stall, can you please listen to Mommy? I said don't touch anything and I meant it. This place is like a garbage dump and a flooded cat box. Just close your eyes, put your hands in your pockets, hold your breath and it will be over soon. Good thing he was half asleep anyway, it cut down on the contamination. I think.

After Up, E and let the backseat babysit our kids and we watched Angels and Demons. Good movie. I liked that book better than The DaVinci Code, and the movies went the same way for me. Way past my bedtime by the time the movies finished though. 1:20. Hello.

1:20 and then home for sleep, up at 6:45 for a run, then soccer games all morning. I had to take a big fat nap to recover from our summer night. You know me though, I didn't exactly need a reason to nap.

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