Sunday, June 28, 2009

Staying inside on a hot Sunday.

Doopty doo... Once again, not much to report. This guarantees to fascinate, but we spent the morning sleeping in until 10:00, munching cereal, cleaning the front of the house and the kitchen, hosing off the hot pups outside, and then making jam. When I opened the front door to get the paper this morning, it was already 95 outside. Hooo-wee! This afternoon we're going to swim for a bit, order pizza, and then hang out for a FroYo extravaganza with ML/B&C. I will make sure I take some more pics tonight because I know all the kids will be cute together. Until then, I leave you with four measly pictures of what we've been up to all day.

Blackberry Jam!

All lined up, just after I burned my hand trying to tighten the lids. I'm kind of OCD about the lids because I don't want any bacterial issues. What you probably don't realize if you've never made jam before is that it involves all kinds of boiling and sanitizing (also in boiling water), so everything is about a thousand degrees and you need to work fast... hard to do and not end up burning yourself.

Berries are SO much easier for jam than large, pitted fruits. No boiling, no peeling, no food processor-ing, just SMASHING! I wish I'd gotten E to take a pic. It was like that episode of I Love Lucy where she's smashing grapes. I didn't do it with my toes though--sorry to disappoint. Just the bottom of a big plastic cup and my hands.

The legendary Cars-underwear head and foot-stand.

Bud and Ad, staying cool inside when it's 106 outside. Bleh.

Why did I decided to make jam today?



  1. Great minds obviously think alike, because I made jam too, except mine's apricot, since the wild blackberries along the creek are just barely starting to turn red and haven't even thought about black yet. Of course in this weather they may just go straight from green to brown. Sigh.

  2. Where do ya'll live, cause it sounds like we're living in paralell universe's?? We did the exact same thing, literally! Everything except the jam, we made pizza.

  3. Quote 'I am NEVER EVER EVER GOING BACK TO WORK. I'm living like it's summer for the rest of my life'

    Now this is the best quote I have read online. If ONLY I could say the same. I love your stories about 'the births'. Of course I can only imagine, but if I were you, I would STILL be tired!! he he