Sunday, June 14, 2009

Speed bumps

At about 7:40 this morning as I jogged by the park, something about the yellow sign overhead caught my attention. Speed Bump. Only the B was slightly smaller, on a yellow sticker. Speed Bump, but it used to say Speed Hump. Are we really taking ourselves that seriously that a sign can't use the word Hump without us going all thirteen year old girl about it? I saw three of them in the same neighborhood, so I guess not.

Hump, hump, hump. Like the camel, people.

Long run this morning. By long, I mean long for ol' HP, not long for any real distance runners. I have discovered the painful reality associated with that week or so I took off. My pace is in the toilet. No quick way to fix that. I tried really hard today to find the same spirit I had when I started this whole "being a runner" deal--it doesn't matter how fast, just that you keep yourself moving. Slow to start will be better in the end. The iPhone voice (I shall call her Majel) was in my ear telling me exactly how far I'd run every three minutes... this was quite a dichotomy of thought versus reality. Painful. But I suppose that if the pain is mental and the physicality of the run is relatively pain-free, it's a success. I had the 157 BPM running podcast on and I was just moving with the rhythm.

Right after I saw the Speed Bump/Hump sign, I got lapped by a woman who looked to be about my mom's age. Ouchie. I had this feeling like maybe I was running, but I was somehow not moving forward. But I kept on keepin' on. That was only about a mile in. I am starting to love my normal routes, and the fact that I travel them either early in the morning or just before sunset means I see them in the best possible light. This morning I ran past Miss Roo's school and salivated at the thought of the playground water fountain, but I wasn't going to waste time and effort to see if the gate was unlocked. Water is still a problem. When it finally heats up around here, I need a serious water-carrying strategy.

I discovered again today why one should stay away from fields full of dried weeds, even if they're mowed down. Those little stickly stickers are a bitch if they're stuck in the back of your sock. Also reminded myself a little too late that mud is best avoided, though I saved myself from a nasty fall and ensuing embarrassing phone call to E. Just barely. Lots of dog walkers this morning, and the black cat I've seen twice in a row by the creek was... wait for it... taking a big dump right under the willow tree just as I ran by. Nothing like a little amusement on the run. Thanks cat. She didn't even look ashamed.

I was completely zoned out this morning, which was a nice change. Lately I've been feeling every breath, step, and mile. I thought a lot about what I want to teach in the fall--new subjects this year--and the way I want to structure my class when school starts. That's normally the stuff of two AMs that keeps me awake. It was nice to compartmentalize it into a run and then be done with it.

My legs are complaining a bit. Four miles is not like two. I feel really heavy and tired. I do, however, feel happy to be back in the routine of running.

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  1. I have been out of my running "routine" for about a week now after spending last week in the toilet with the flu.
    I hate that first run - but it gets better.
    Be proud of yourself.