Saturday, June 06, 2009

She had no idea.

Tonight was E's mom's (Mimi's) retirement party. She worked as a legal secretary and her old bosses/attorneys were all there. Everybody wanted to know about law school and was picking E's brain.

Best unintentionally awkward question of the night goes to the attorney who asked this:

So how on earth did you guys make it through law school without getting divorced?


  1. Funny you should say that about the divorce/law school thing. My cousin went to law school...he didn't finish because it was tearing him and his wife apart. They fought all the time, and he was always gone. He ended up quitting and they recently celebrated their 20 year anniversary. Another co-worker of mine went to law school with my cousin...and he quit too. He said there was almost no way to get through law school without getting a divorce...

    So be proud! You made it!

  2. haha, thats funny :) I couldnt resist