Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reasons my summer is LOST:

Hi. I'm Heather, and I am the last person on earth to know about LOST.

Hi, Heather.

The first step is admission that you have a problem. Okay, I've been hearing people wax poetic about LOST for the last four years, and for four years I've been letting it go in one ear and out the other with little trouble at all. I figured there was something to it, but I know myself enough to know I can't start something like that (especially something by Abrams) in the middle because I'd be too curious about what was going on and too confused by all the characters. LOST, like West Wing, Alias, and Deadwood, was going to require the time to start at the beginning and savor every delicious detail--on DVD. Not by jumping in mid-season in year 3 with no idea what I was seeing. I'm too plot-oriented to do that.

Well, it's that summer. I can't even write any more than that tonight because as I write, I've got one eye to the television and IT'S GETTING GOOD. That's the thing about LOST. It always seems to be getting good. Suspense, it is not lacking. Anyway, they're finally getting to some back story on the Korean couple (laugh at me if you will, but it's new to ME)--we just started disc 5 of season 1. So I have to run, errr--lay here--which means I will post more about LOST, and post about our fabulous photo shoot with Carmen Salazar this afternoon, TOMORROW.

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  1. My friend, Sarah, has been trying to get me to watch Lost for the longest time now.....I've always wanted to, but finding the time to actually sit down and watch all of them is hard. One of these days I'm gonna have to break down and do it though! :-)