Thursday, June 04, 2009

No computer, no energy, no shame

Is it possible to tap out an entire blog post on iPhone's crummy keyboard?

We shall see. I'll just apologize ahead of time for any misspellings, weird formatting, etc.

Why am I phone-blogging? The laptop I've been carting to and from school was a grant purchase for the dance department--thus it stayed with the program. I'm laptop shopping, but for now no more in-bed or on-couch writing.

I think I'm coming down with something, so I'm too work out to sit in a chair in the office... Here I lay on my bed, wasting away the hour watching "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here." this is a crappy show, even for me, and I'll watch anything. This show is crap.

I've taken two Benadryls, or Mister Bs, so The countdown has begun. I can sit here and watch crummy TV in the hopes that I'll last a few more minutes until So You Think You Can Dance Dance Dance Dance. I'm loving Mia and Adam being so harsh and honest. It's so real... Glad they seem to want to show the dance world fir what it is. It can be ugly, but that's how it is. Can't wait for the top 20.

God my throat hurts. Figures I'd get sick for the first day I summer.

Oh hi, Cat Deely. It's almost time to introduce our "jidges." I better run.

~The PDawg formerly known as Dance Teacher
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  1. I know what you mean about Mia and Adam....everyone that I talk to about them is like "OMG they are soooo mean" and I'm like "I want to be just like Mia when I grow up" b/c the dance world isn't a nice one! I have to admit that I will always think fondly of the teachers that were not so nice to me b/c it made me want to strive to be better and to make them notice me! (i.e. Mrs. Darby, Michelle Troyer, Mrs. C...although, she's a softy now, Mrs. Biggs!!!) I love them for being mean and I want to be just like them when I teach! And what is your thought on what they did with Natalie on sytycd? I think she had it coming...if she thought she could just sail through (which I think she did) then she obviously had something else coming, right? ttyl!


  2. Get a netbook. They're cheap and small. You don't need a big old hulking Latitude or ThinkPad or (God forbid) Macbook. Netbooks run ~$400, are about the size of a thin hardcover book, and are made of epic amounts of win.

  3. Pat--my worry with the netbook is the lack of storage. I do a lot of photo editing and storing for the blog, and I also need to be able to store files for work--have you found that to be a problem?