Monday, June 29, 2009

Nah nah nah nah... hey hey hey... GOODBYE those old as funk running shoes I've been wearing. Peace out, sneaks. Au Revoir, SHIN PAIN. Here I was, posting this morning about how I was going to make those three-year old shoes last for a while longer, thinking I had to just suck it up, and E looked across the couch at me when he got up and said go get yourself some new shoes today.

Yee! New shoes! ::glee::

Shout out to my neighborhood running store, The Running Zone, which is also co-owned by a bunch of teachers and coaches from the school where I work. In the last month they've fit Gluten-free E, Mimi and Papa for new running shoes. Finally, it was my turn. I could tell from the first pair I tried on that I had been wearing a pair of dead shoes that were not doing me any favors. Yum. Support.

My left foot especially is a mild pronator (or would I say mildly pronates? ah, either way...), which explains the left leg inner leg pain I've been having lately from that inwardly-rolling ankle. I ended up going back to the first pair I tried on--some Saucony Progrid Guide 2s. I don't care one bit what brand they are, but they felt good from the minute I had them on. I think they're kinda cute too. Sporty Spice. I maybe sort of adore them. I can tell I'm going to be much happier and I stand a better chance of hanging in there for this half I've got my mind set on.

Now, on to some important other stuff. One of the running blogs I read regularly for inspiration is Chic Runner. She's hosting a big fatty giveaway right now to Zensah for $75, and I get an extra entry if I link to it from here. So go check her site out, and check out Zensah because they are pretty bomb diggity. I'd like to win something so I can sport it like a total poser when I truck on out and hit the pavement in my new kicks.

While you're feeling click-happy, click on over to The Only Thing I Know to read her post entitled P.S. Santa Claus isn't really real. I just about dropped over dead in my socks when I read it, it was so hilarious. She's a great writer too. E just took the boy to see Transformers, so I could relate.

Right now at my house, there's a lot of this going on:


  1. Carter asked me as he was getting ready for his nap today if he could go swimming in Addie's green pool after he woke up... cute! We went at my parent's before lunch but he was fixated on the "green pool." Would never know from the way he was acting!

  2. He is such a sweet boy. He can come over any time he wants to swim. The kids would love it. It will be better once he gets to be on his own turf with them. :)

  3. Good for you for getting new shoes! They are cute and probably also very comfy. Aww, cute pic too! That looks nice. Wish I could relax and have fun right now.