Monday, June 29, 2009

Morning Run & Classy Neighbors

I'll get right to it:
<--------Check out the sign I saw on my run this morning. This was adorning the side of somebody's giant military-esque truck parked on the street. 100% pure awesome. Stay classy, Sacramento.

P.S. I did NOT lean on this truck. Draw your own conclusions.

About that run. Yeah, I got up at 6:30 this morning and knocked one out. "Knocked one out" is a rather loose term I like to use that means "rolled out of bed grumpy and slow, put on shoes and slogged through 3 slow miles." I know I've mentioned it before, but no matter how enamored I feel with running at any particular moment, it's beyond me to get out of bed and run first thing in the morning. I don't know what it is about me, but I'm like a shivering baby bird when I wake up every day--all disoriented and kind of shaky and it won't take much for my whole world to fall apart.

I guess I can't really claim to be much of a BA because I got it done so early today; it was kind of by default because I woke up at 6 and couldn't sleep. Either way, it's done. It's supposed to be 105 degrees today (was 110 yesterday) so the earlier, the better. I liked being out there so early. Lots of other runners, a nice cool breeze, birds... I like birds. Not at 1 AM when they've been screeching outside our bedroom window lately, but on the running trail, sure. I'd say it was 99% beautiful out there this morning--a lovely landscape marred only by the smell of sick along the last stretch of the trail just before I turned back into the neighborhood. I don't like to smell anything while I'm running, let alone someone's Friday night gone bad, warming in the sun.

I'm never sure of the etiquette on the trail when passing other runners. I think there needs to be some kind of unspoken code like there is on the motorcycle--I don't want to stop and make new friends or do a big flamboyant HELLO! with jazz hands, but it would be nice to do that cool guy head nod or just a two finger lift or something. As it stands now, I generally smile when I run by and try to make eye contact, but I'd say it's only successfully returned about half the time. Sometimes I get the Really? look, and I also get the I'm going to just ignore you, you stupid teenager avoidance a lot too. Hey people of the world:

I'M THIRTY FREAKING YEARS OLD. I'M NOT A STUPID KID. It could be argued that I'm a stupid adult, but that's neither here nor there. I slowed myself down today on purpose--I've been running to a podcast that's somewhere around 155 BPM, but with my shin pain I was running too fast then having to stop and walk all the time. Today I dropped it to 148 BPM which felt really slow, but it allowed me to keep a really consistent pace and not walk at all. Somehow I miscalculated my route, so I ended my 3 miles about a half mile from home. I think I might do that again, only next time it will be on purpose. The walk home was so peaceful and enjoyable that early in the day.

Reasons I should be running in the morning: I'd get it out of the way, it's cool, I don't need as much water, the trails are more populated with both nature and people, sprinklers are going if I do get hot, it would get me up and moving much earlier.

Reasons not to run in the morning: I am lazy.

Not much of a pro/con list. But that one con is just sooooo true, and so powerful.

The gel insoles were pretty good. Not a complete fix. I still had a lot of lower leg pain, but the ball and heel of my feet felt much better. I'm going to see how I feel by tonight. I really need new shoes. I'm going to pay the bills today so I can see if there's any way. I really can't be running in something that's making me hurt. Amazing how much running shoes are like pointe shoes--who knew. There's a lot to be said for the proper fit, and using dead shoes will just get you trouble. But I do remember how much better life got for me once I discovered my Chacott Veronese 25Cs, so hopefully there's a running shoe out there that fits me just as perfectly.

Ad's in the next room watching TV like it's going out of style--on her first official day off, I'm letting her gorge on Nickelodeon. I'm enjoying the morning, planning my meals for the week, making our weekly schedule (nerd alert!), making a grocery list for dinners and the 4th, and celebrating the fact that my exercise is one hundred percent finished for the day. After a week of calorie-watching laziness, I'm resuming my SparkPeople-monitored food journaling. I have a refrigerator full of farmers market fruits and veg, so it shouldn't be too difficult to eat some healthy, unprocessed goodies. Might even go out to Katherine's sometime in the next few days and pick apricots for more jammy goodness. We shall see.


  1. Good job for keeping up on the running and that sign is way to funny! Lol. I'm on and that really helps me out. Also, good for you for getting up so early to run! I am bound and determined to get my but into gear this week...I bought The Biggest Loser on DVD and it totally made me sore today. It must have worked!

  2. Pardon my lurking, but I just came across this and think it's hilarious! I have to agree... what IS up with other joggers too cool to say hi back!? Even more so from bikers. Really? Coasting down that hill requires too much concentration to give a head nod while I'm pounding away on the pavement over here? Maybe I'll go for those jazz hands next time. It'll give them a story to tell.