Friday, June 12, 2009

Life is small.

Summer. Instantly, my life becomes so teeny tiny, grain-of-sand small. During the school year the house is treated more like a hotel room--it's the resting place in between stops where I throw my dirty laundry. In the summer, though, it's mine. I like the easy summer rhythm of maintaining the house, cooking something good for dinner, playing with the kids,baking, running, resting, and reading. During the school year I see so many people, and even though I don't travel very far each day, life feels huge. It's an incessant parade of who-knows-whos and so-and-sos, and every Tom, Dick and Harry and their mother. I could skip the mothers, but I chose the wrong profession for that. It's so much work being Mrs. P to all those people. By June, I crave small.

Small is peaceful. It's quiet. It's lovely.

I'm still practicing aperture control on the camera, so I thought I'd take you through my day today, and give you a peek into our little life. I didn't believe, once upon a time, that there was enough to entertain me or to warrant my attention at home. That was before my life went through a metaphorical wood chipper. (If you're thinking 'ouch,' you've got it about right.) I like the simplicity. I love chatting it up with Henry all day. I'm not lonely. I look forward to seeing E at night, and the monkeys are so much fun now. I love our time together as a family (always with the thought in the back of my head about how quickly this will all vanish once school starts again). For now, it's a simple summer.

Key/dog leash/sunglass hooks in the entry. And my mom's neck warmer that I meant to return two months ago.

Yarns. I sure can spin' em.
Sorry, bad pun. This is the current project. This is also why I don't work with scraps, normally. I hate this ugly thing, so it's taking me forever.

Reef. Next best thing to barefoot.

Sugar free Jello. Ate this then felt even hungrier. Law and Order in the back. Lenny is my homeboy.

Typical post-meal Henry mess: Mac n cheese, edamame, (uneaten) strawberry.

Forgotten water bottle from when the boy and I practiced soccer stuff this morning. I nabbed it right before Cal did.

Les chiens and their chins.

One final thought: WHERE THE HECK IS THE SUMMER WEATHER? It was 104 degrees the day E and I renewed our vows in May, what is this BS weather we're having? This is not summer weather, it's April weather. Crap, this sucks. (Or alternatively, Carp, this sucks, which is what I typed the first time. Carp, carp, carp!) All the while I'm thinking about how it's not going to be hot until August, and I'm going back to school early this year. I'd like to, oh, I don't know, SWIM/TAN/ENJOY A WARM EVENING sometime before August 10th. If it's not TOO FREAKING MUCH TO ASK. And don't give me that "it's so pleasant" crap either. That comment is for the elderly and people who work all summer, so they can be all "it's so pleasant," I don't have to sweat when I wear my three piece suit to work... Boo, workers of the world. Meanwhile I'm shivering out by my new green kiddie pool in my tank top and Old Navy shorts, and I am WILLING IT TO BE 100 degrees. Now.


  1. I wear reefs.

    I like the strawberry photo, but the best one was the dog!

  2. Great pictures! I'm also loving the new template- looks so nice :)

  3. Thanks guys.

    AM--I'm liking the new template too. We'll see how long that lasts. :)