Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farm Pics: apricots, horses and monkeys

Katherine was so wonderful to allow us to come out to pick apricots this morning. She was even more wonderful to indulge the animal obsession and photo-taking habits of two monkeys and a PDawg. I have plenty of apricots for jam, a carton of cute little farm fresh chicken eggs, and some lovely pictures. I took a billion. I couldn't make a choice about which ones to post here, so I am posting a lot of them. I have faith in you that you can handle it, Blog.

The monkeys are expert apricot-pickers--anything within their reach was fair game whether is was green or not. Had to explain to Henry that we don't want the saggy-lookin' ones with holes in them.

The first thing Katherine did was show them her teeny chicks. How could they NOT love this place? She let them touch everything.

Horse, Hank. Hank, horse.

This little girl was in seventh heaven. She's never been this close to a horse before. Us city folk don't spend much time near them. Until now it's been horse books, horse video games, horse movies... She was almost shivering with excitement that she got to know this one so well.

Hank offering his toes to Shyla (sp?) who was a total toe-fiend. (She just wanted to sniff them though.) I told Katherine how it reminded me of how Addie used to crawl around the house when she was a toddler and lick the bottom of all our shoes. She didn't get that from me.

Both of her horses were such sweet, gentle animals. Perfect for the kids' first up-close horse experience. Both horses just stood patiently and let the kids love all over them.

This is one blissfully happy kiddo.

What are they laughing at? Horse toots. Katherine went in the barn to get the harness, and Gwen the horse gave them a little show. It's the joke that's always funny, I guess.

Hi, I'm Addie, and I hit model poses when nobody is looking. Fierce on the farm.

Slouchy, slightly nervous, but supremely excited Ad atop the first horse she's ever ridden.

Mom, can I have one? Yeah. Don't think she didn't ask. Henry told me on the way in that we need a chicken. I don't think our little outing did anything to curb their farm animal delusions. Gus and Cal barely fit in our backyard.

Our hostess, Katherine, leading Gwen. Ad = so happy.

Slightly more nervous than his slightly nervous sister. I'm glad he got up there. He had to stop about halfway and take a break, but he sat up there like a champ.

Ad, who couldn't click her tongue or get the horse to move. She tried though.

She feels a connection to animals. I sense it watching her, even when she's unsure. She also has a gentle little soul. It won't surprise me one bit if she ends up doing something animal-related.

What a great morning. Thanks Katherine! You should charge families for this kind of fun.

Be sure to check out Katherine's website to see her art. She's incredibly talented.

Not much else to say, except she made the kiddos' days. I love summer.


  1. Great post! Looks like a lot of fun. :) LoL at the comment about licking shoes....if only kids knew what we know now, lol. :)
    Great pictures documenting your day....I want to pick apricots! :)

  2. Aww, I loved reading that! :-) I think Gwen and Shylah enjoyed making some new friends today and it was great to see you!

    If you run out of apricots you're welcome to more as long as they last, and please know you and the monkeys are welcome to return for more farmy goodness. Horse crazy little girls need to be indulged, this I know. :-)

    For the record though, I don't endorse flip flops around horses.

  3. Love this post! Takes me back to my childhood - pre Elk Grove. I always feel bad that Carter doesn't get to experience what I did. Looks like the kids had a blast. That was awesome of Katherine! I miss the country! :)

  4. Thanks! Yep, it was fun.

    Katherine--sorry about the shoes. Didn't know they'd be getting that close to anything. Lesson learned!

  5. As, they take after their country-loving Auntie! I was going to mention the flip flops, but Katherine beat me to it. :) glad they had such an awesome time, and thanks for posting pictures!

  6. Oops, that should have been "aw," not as. Darn iPhone.

  7. *sigh*

    I promise I know about the shoes. I just didn't think they'd be in the pen with the horses... MOMMY FAIL.

  8. Aww, this post made me oh so SUPER happy! I love horses and chicks and it looks like your kiddos had such an enjoyable time. I love the joy that you captured on their faces.

  9. I can see from your lovely pics how much your kids enjoyed this. Also love your comment 'Fierce on the farm'. How great to be a kid and still figuring out your 'look'.