Saturday, June 27, 2009

Berryband, Merryband, Jamming in Berryland

We stopped by the farmers' market with Mimi and Aunt Karen this morning after some early morning soccer games. While the monkeys and I were waiting for them to show up, I noticed a long line forming at a berry vendor. I didn't even know what he was selling, but I thought it would be best to get in line first and ask questions later. In my experience at the farmers' market, the line forms where there's something good to be had.

I ended up with oodles of blackberries, so tomorrow--before I even attempt to pick/peel/make jam from my peaches--I'll be teaching myself blackberry jam. I tend to think lately about the PDA when I hear about blackberries, not those purple-black globes, ripe with their magenta juice. I love berries--any kind. I'm kind of excited to try another kind of jam tomorrow. Like I said yesterday, it should be a glorious mess. This is assuming I don't eat them all before the morning.

Addie and I were walking around the farmers' market remembering a book I read to her a lot when she was little, Jamberry by Bruce Degen. It's one of those board books that I admittedly tired of eventually, but it's really fun to say and it has all kinds of great rhymes. I used to totally move that one to the top of the stack. I distinctly remember reading it to Ad when she was a little teeny Roo, not this big almost-second grader who was walking with me this morning, and who tells her own stories now like a seasoned pro.

I've been putting off posting all day because I don't really have anything wonderful or interesting or funny to talk about; it's been a pretty lazy Saturday. First the monkeys took a two hour nap while we watched TV and then I passed out for three hours myself. I also didn't want to end up writing about LOST again (ha!), but I can tell you that it's taking over our summer and I'm totally okay with that. It's nice to have something really meaty to watch on TV, when the rest of my TV time is spent filling up the vacuous holes between episodes of such intellectual fare as Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List and So You Think You Can Dance. I'm not knocking my reality TV love, but I'm enjoying using my mind-grapes too. (AND it's still scaring the bejesus out of me.)

I'm debating right now about going to an improv master class tomorrow that's put on by the contemporary company I was dancing with last year, CORE Dance Collective. It should be amazing, and improv is my favorite thing to do, but it's been a year since I've taken class. A year. Wow. I stopped going when things got hard between me and E and we separated and then I didn't want to be there and have to answer questions or to feel like I was bringing my drama with me. I miss it, but then I'm a little unsure about if tomorrow is the right time to go back. My shins are still hurting in a big way, so I haven't been running for a while. Maybe I will do that instead if it's a nice morning.

I have made one very, very important decision though, and I'd like to share it with you:

I'm living like it's summer for the rest of my life.

Okay, not really. I wish though.

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  1. We love Jamberry too... in fact, C still pulls it out although he mostly has it memorized now. Mmmm... berries... good! Glad you are enjoying your summer - it's well deserved.