Thursday, June 11, 2009

And when she passes, each one she passes, goes--"ah"...

Time for the Hula-Roola.

Sorry about the dark pics that follow. Result of being in the back of the Auditorium for the show. Today was Ad's multicultural assembly.

Cute, but llllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooong. My proposal for next year? Every class gets 2 minutes, then BAM, on to the next thing. I'll say it: eight solid minutes of awkward third grader line dancing just doesn't hold my attention... but overall, a good show. It was "so" Elementary school. They did a really good job of showing dress and traditions from each country. Apparently the tie that binds us all together? Rice. You learn so much in Elementary school. You know me, I love it. As Ed Harrison says to Bob Wallace in White Christmas, "plenty of schmaltz, lots of heart."

Miss Roo's class sang the opening number with Grandma's class.

Ad, rockin' the hula outfit in a sea of ordinary.

Waiting to sing.

Still waiting...

Grandma, sitting right in front of my view to direct the singers. D'oh! Ad did a great job though. Her whole class was great.

Didn't want his picture taken, but I was trying to keep him busy.

(Edited 6/12)--here's the video. E went for the second showing today and he got it all on tape. Love how Ad is workin' those hips. :)

Unrelated: This afternoon I had a meeting with Carmen Salazar, who is going to take our pictures for my birthday present to myself. If you don't remember, I decided last year that I wanted to have some really nice pics taken of me with the monkeys (since I'm usually the one behind the camera). The four of us are going to do a session in Old Sacramento, which I think will be wonderful. I had such a nice meeting with Carmen this morning--she did the pics for Auntie and Uncle G's wedding last summer and they were beautiful. Check out her website if you get a chance. She rocks.

Okay, nerds. Peace out... for now. I'm finding it harder to blog since I am sans laptop. That's not whining, it's just me professing the truth of the bleeding pain I feel since that appendage was removed from my body. Going to have to train myself to have some new habits.

Okay, peace for real. And I'll stop saying okay. Okay?

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