Saturday, May 02, 2009

WANT list

In honor of my birthday, I now present to you some shameless materialism. These are some of the things I've been eyeing for a while. I like lists and I like things and I like you, so I'm sharing. Wish I could share some real stuff. For now it's all longing and yearning. *sigh*

1. Belkin Sport Armband Plus with FastFit for iPhone 3G
I've had the iPhone for a few months, and I'm still learning to love it. There are lots of things about the iPhone that I totally dig--internet, email interface, ipod, all those apps... I still hate the keyboard though. It makes me so mad. There's no way (that I've found) to turn off the auto complete. Hey APPLE: I don't want to text in the Queen's English. That's retarded. Your keypad and auto complete basically suck. Also, your teeny keys make me feel like I have Homer Simpson-esque fat fingers.

Anyhoo, I need an armband for my iPhone because it's a great little running buddy, all complaints aside. I have the iMapMyRun App, and it is wonderful--tracks where you go, your speed, all that using a GPS thingy. Yes, that's the technical term. I am currently using an old ipod armband and the phone doesn't fit, plus the case blocks about half the screen so I can't access it easily when I run. Long story short, I want this armband.

2. A zester

I just don't have one. It looks cool. I don't have a lot of unzested fruits laying around, but I think I could arrange for some zesting if I bought myself one of these. I'm planning on it, actually. Lemons, chocolate, garlic? The possibilities are endless. Maybe not in one dish though, huh?

3. These beautiful measuring cups from Anthropologie

I know this makes me a total PW copycat, because she gave these away on her site, but I can't help myself and I keep going back to the website to look at them. Want. So pretty. I actually cook too, so I'm not a total dweeb. Okay, I'm totally dweebular, but I think these are both useful and beautiful.

4. Eat This, Not That

Hi, I'm a TV junkie and I will buy whatever anybody tells me. Both Oprah and The Biggest Loser have featured this book, and I already look at the Men's Health website for the book all the time. A book that says you can eat at fast food restaurants and you don't have to order chicken sandwiches all the time? Yes please. I'm probably not even going to wait all weekend before I buy this. I can't help myself.

5. A new nose stud

Actually, the ones I like are called nose bones. That makes me laugh. Because your nose is made of cartilage. Why is that funny? It's not. Moving on. I'll probably end up buying a cheap one at Claire's because it's easy, and then when the stone falls out I'll just not wear one for another three months. That's what I'm doing right now. FAIL. I have always wanted a hoop, but I'm chicken. Maybe it's time for boldness in my thirties.

6. A hydration belt/ water holder

What does that mean? It basically means a fanny pack that holds a water bottle. I won't wear one yet because I don't run far enough to actually matter (don't want to look like a poser now), but I can tell when it gets hot, I'm going to need to bring my own water. There's not really anywhere to get water where I run unless I loop back to the house. That's a possibility, but I'd like to have a little bit more freedom. Hopefully by the time it's hot I won't be a little girly man baby runner anymore. So I want this. They make all different kinds. No idea what I want or need, only that the more I go, the thirstier I am. Yes, I realize this is quite a concept.

7. Bags, like this one from Red Tango

I heart Red Tango and I heart my orange laptop bag that E bought for me a few years ago. I've been eyeing this kitty tote for some time. Cute. Not that I need any new bags. At all. I may have a bag problem.

8. These cute flats by Blowfish
I love shoes and apparently I love saying "cute." In the past few years I've discovered a love of flats. In NYC last summer, I bought a pair of Blowfish flats at Filene's Basement. Love and love. So comfy. Seriously, these purple snakeskin flats are to die for.

9. A macro lens for my Canon Rebel

Macro lens = get real close to something and get the pretty blurred background. Bokeh, etc. Want.

10. Bathing suits

Because you can never have too many. I love 'em all. Target, VS, and JCrew... anything. I may have a bathing suit problem too.

11. Shirts by Avalove

I bought a beautiful hand silk-screened shirt at a street fair from a lovely young lady last summer. I adore her stuff... it's screenprinting, mostly natural images, juxtaposed with poetry. Gee, wonder why I like it. This is a link to her Etsy store.

12. Some more Nappytabs sweats

Another NY find, at the Pulse workshop. You've heard of the choreographers, Napoleon and Tabitha, from So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew? Yeah, them. They have the best line of hip hop inspired clothes. This includes their signature "Tabby Sweats"--sweats with adorable back pockets. Love. I have one pair. It is not enough.

13. Big Ass Book of Crafts

Big Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. Saw this at Urban a while ago, and it made me laugh. I have no idea if it is any good, but it just sounds like something I'd like to own. Or leave on my coffee table. I'm crafty. What?

14. New pots and pans

It's time. I killed mine that we got from the wedding. No putting them in the dishwasher. Whoopsies.

15. A food processor

How is it possible that I do not have one of these yet? I am not making jam this year until I get one.

Was that weird? Hope not. Heck, who cares. I'm thirty. Thirty years old. I keep mental lists all the time of things I see and want. I thought, why not share?

What about you? What's on your WANT list?


  1. I want an iphone armband too for when I run. Currently, I use nothing, which makes for a very boring run.

    I want a food processor too that can actually grind up food. However, there is a great freezer jam recipe (comes with the box of pectin) and you mash the strawberries (or other fruit) by hand. Great idea for the kids!

    I never even knew there was a macro lens for the Canon Rebel...might be worth looking in to.

    I want some running shorts that don't make my knees look chubby but are also pretty!

    I would like a new hand mixer (preferably one by Kitchenaid). I bought my mom one for $35 on and have not been able to find one of that quality since!

    Thanks for allowing me to share!

  2. Okay, you have to use the crazed Jessica Rabbit tone of voice to get the full effect here:

    "I want a MAN!"


    Seriously, I could come up with some stuff and things, but really all I want is success and recognition with the work I'm doing (which is almost like saying fame and fortune, except it's really just acceptance and comfortable stability that I'm aiming for), and someone to share my life with. So simple! So elusive! :-)

    Ah, my word verification is "cries." That's depressing!

  3. Katherine--tragic word verification. :( I think your best bet is to stop looking for one in the microscope...

  4. Good point. Thought I have yet to see one under there anyway. Oooh that could almost be a metaphor for over-analyzing. Hmm.