Monday, May 04, 2009

Wannabe Runner Update

Checking in about my little running habit that I'm trying to create...

So far, so good. Well, pretty good. Okay, I fell off the wagon this week. Kinda.

Three weeks of running, total, as of Monday. Just over 22 miles. I kinda can't believe it. Remember how I said I keep telling myself I'm going to be a runner and then I run for all of one day? Well, I beat the heck out of that lame-ass record. Not a hard record to beat, were it not for the putting on of shoes and strenuous aerobic activity.

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Ah, the running. I like it. I look forward to it. I really enjoy the thinking time, the time alone, and the lapsed time when I just zone out. I'm zoning out! Yay! I am hopeful that this all means success waits for me down the road. All the times I've tried to run before (once, or twice, or just for 20 minutes because I was looking for something to do at the gym) it hurt, I wanted to die, and I felt extreme discomfort.

That isn't happening anymore. Weird.

Something hit me last weekend when I discovered a good pace. I'm certainly in no hurry when I run, but I was hitting it too hard, initially. Once I found my pace last week, I discovered that my lungs were no longer a limiting factor. I feel the same at 2 miles as I do at 3. Wow. I have to tell you, this is huge. Now I'm not wanting to quit because I am gasping and about to upchuck, I'm able to run until I feel it in my knees and feet. What a huge difference!

Like I said, I kind of fell off the wagon this week. Not completely off, but I only ran three days. My foot being in my mouth all week made it really hard to run; the rain and my birthday just added more distraction. My problem now is that I'm not confident enough to run when it's wet. I am AFRAID OF EATING PAVEMENT. (Can you say gym membership for those rainy days?) I lost a little motivation, but I think I regained it today. I didn't let myself let go of it completely, and today I had a new personal best. I was able to do 3.66 miles. Can you believe that?

My aunt Debi told me on Friday that right after she runs, she feels like she owns the world. Anything is possible. Me too. Man. Freaking endorphins.

Three weeks ago I couldn't run a quarter mile without stopping. I just ran 3.6 miles. 'Scuse me. I'm going to savor that for a little bit. Sure hope I can keep this up. I really want this. Feels good.

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  1. Do you find that the first couple minutes or so are the most difficult? I have been running short stints lately, and that first 3-5 minutes or so is tough! Kayda