Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should I make the switch? Blogger vs. Wordpress

(I feel like I'm cheating on you, Blogger, by even posting this here.)

I've been annoyed with Blogger for a while. I feel like it limits the way my blog can look, and while modifications can be made, they're not easy. Most of the blogs I read are hosted at Eventually, I think I'd like to do that since I own my own domain, but I'm not quite there yet. I've been considering switching over to, the free equivalent. I can also use my own domain there if I want to.


Cleaner, clearer pages
Easier posting
More professional looking blogs (IMHO)
Easier site management


Losing things in the transfer?
Learning a new format
Some widgets don't transfer over
Losing site data

Anything else I'm not thinking about? Have any of you used either Wordpress dot com or dot org? I played around with the free version and set up a mock site last night--just importing straight over from Blogger. Check it out and share your thoughts:

What do you think? Obviously it needs a lot more customization, and some of what I have here I wouldn't be able to take with me. I'd like your opinion. I don't promise to do what you say, but I do promise to think it's interesting to hear from you.

(If you do use, were you self-taught? Were you already awesome and it was no prob? I'm a quick learner, but it's a big hill for me to climb.)



P.S. All of this started because I hate this background (too dark and hard to read), I don't want to design my own, I don't like the Blogger templates, and I've been thinking about how annoying it is to post on Blogger for a while...

P.P. S. (How 6th grade am I?) I made it plain as plain can be... just for a while. Seemed like my blog needed a cleansing breath. No idea where to go from here.