Thursday, May 21, 2009

San Diego avec E

After San Fran with the monkeys, we got on a plane to San Diego. Well, it was kinda like that, only with a bunch of dirty laundry and some house cleaning (E's mom was coming over to stay with the kids), some crankiness on my part about the bathroom counter, and some staying up late because we couldn't settle down. At that point, I could tell that the Crud was getting me and I was going to be sick on our trip. What are you gonna do? *sigh* Get on a plane and go, that's what!

I awoke to a big toe the size of a soccer ball, but I like to pretend I'm fine, so I put on flip flops. Nobody will notice that one toe is red and the other one is my ordinary shade of yellow-white. Luckily, nobody cares about my toe, because I had the toe equivalent of Swine Flu. Geee-ross. Easy flight, empty hotel (it was a Tuesday, after all) and we got a better room than we paid for. Score. It became really clear to me once we were down there that between my lungs and my toe I was not well. We went to lunch at World Famous--YUMMO--and then I needed a nap. Basically that was our trip in a nutshell. Me, being okay for an hour or two. Me, feverish, chilled, and needing to get back into bed. I was downhill all afternoon, until I was basically laying around crying because I was so miserable. E, buying out Longs' cold medicine. That's better than flowers.

This is how you know E and I are not young wippersnappers anymore (yes, young still. Wippersnappy, not so much.)--we got a room with two doubles instead of one King... and we were excited. Yes! No sharing a bed to sleep. (Okay, and to his credit, when I was really sick and pitiful the second night he fell asleep next to me. I was in a Tylenol Cold-induced state, so it was pretty good all around.)

Dinner the first night was at the Gaslamp Strip Club. See, not that kind of strip club, although I found it amazing that the other sort of establishment abounds in San Diego as well. Swanky. Not really on my list of must-sees. The restaurant is a cook-your-own kind of deal, which guaranteed me a beautifully delectable fillet. Hello. My mouth is watering now. Mm, that was good. Big ol' sides... it was great, but again I was sleepy after half my margarita. It was a long dinner. Low and slow is E's BBQ motto, and we didn't even get to dinner until about eight, so we didn't finish until late. (Do you know how far that is from my real life? Normally I'm asleep by 8!) It was crash time. I couldn't stop coughing. My toe wouldn't fit in shoes and I couldn't put any weight on my right foot. It was starting to hurt up my leg. It was starting to scare me. Not cool, Toe. Not cool.

Wednesday was filled with more sick-yuck, but I decided to start taking some antibiotics, so I was on the mend. We rented a Harley Softail... quite a difference between the backseat of a Vrod (my usual) and the backseat of that Softail. E made some noises about it, but all things aside, it was a nice ride for me. We both loved riding. I love to be on the back of a bike when he's driving. We rode through beach towns up through Del Mar, stopping for lunch at a little cafe overlooking the ocean. Now that's what vacation is supposed to be like! Nevermind that we were living in a "Real Housewives" kind of world, and we rolled up in our motorcycle clothes all sweaty and wearing tennis shoes. Oh yeeeeah. I like how they looked at us. Reminded me of my students.

We took I-5 back to Mission Bay. No comment.

Dinner out again on the bike. Home early, vow renewal planning. Reading. Ah, the glorious times E and I have spent reading together. Neither of us really gets to read at home. Not enough, anyway. I'm reading a really good book called Light a Penny Candle. It's kind of like WWII meets Gone with the Wind, in Ireland/England. Good. Anyway, at dinner on Wednesday night, E checked his grades (thanks, iPhone) and found out he was officially graduating from law school. He was smiling from his insides.

The last day we were going to hit the Zoo, which I still really want to do, but we missed the kids too much. We decided to wait and also not to waste any money on my sick little patoot--I wouldn't have made it past my two hour expiration date anyway. Instead we went to Chevy's, the movies, and the Hotel Del Coronado, where we had ice cream.

San Diego's weather was in the crapper the whole time we were there, and I only found out after we were there that apparently that's a thing--May Gray/ June Gloom. Nice to know before we booked our trip. Oh well. I brought my own respiratory infection and gloom to SD and we still had an awesome time. We needed to be away. We needed to remember that we love each other and we love hanging out.

We do, you know.

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  1. I just tried explaining this same thing to my sister last night. We were talking about relationships and she was saying how she's glad she's not in one because they never go right and people in relationships always fight. Well, duh, people argue, but I don't think people in relationships ALWAYS fight. Anyway, I explained that C and I got along great pre-twins life and since having them, have had a more difficult go at the whole relationship/getting along business. But, that every once in a while when we do get the opportunity to hang out together, we truly do appreciate each other's company and we remember what it was like when it was just the two of us. We remember we do like eachother! haha ;-) It sounds weird, but it's true. When we became parents our focus changed. We were no longer focused on ourselves and pleasing each other. It was turned towards the kids and completely spent day to day on the precious little beings we were raising. We've learned to embrace our everchanging relationship as parents and husband and wife. I think knowing that change happens and accepting that your life will never be the same as it once was, has made us appreciate each other even more. We have made it through a lot of tough times together and are now getting to benefit from our struggles by knowing each other's limits and loving each other for our strengths. As I'm sure you and E have done as well. Congrats to your new found life together. Here's to accepting one another and getting through difficult times with a smile and a healing heart.