Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remember... Dreams do come true*

*unless there are high winds, in which case we cancel all dreams. No dream refunds. Thank you and please enjoy a turkey leg on your way out.

Here's me being so thrilled to wait for fireworks that didn't happen. That I knew wouldn't happen, because that always happens. (What if I happen to say happen one more time? Yeah, that just HAPPENED.) The fireworks are just so dang enjoyable. And my wittle feeties hurt. And the lady behind us on Pirates tonght smelled like a Diaper Genie. Oh well. It's all good, I'm just exhaustipated.

More in a few days, but here's a fun conversation between two guys behind us on the train tonight:

Guy #1: Where's the fireworks at?

Guy #2: At Snow White's* castle.


Guy #1: Where's that at?

Guy #2: The CASTLE.


Eavesdropping is fun.

G'night everybody. TTFN.

*Yeah, I know... right? How about Sleeping Beauty's castle, nerd?

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