Friday, May 08, 2009

My mom

Mom + Gram

In honor of Mothers' Day... This is actually an old entry from my journal, from Monday, May 10, 2006. (One of those things I reread from time to time.) Addie and I wrote it together about my mom. I asked her to complete the sentences first, and then I did the same. Ad was three years old at the time. I was twenty seven. :)


Grandma sounds like a big, big grandma.
Grandma smells like lipstick.
Grandma feels like a soft grandma, like a blankie or a sweatshirt.
Grandma does just being with me.
Grandma gives me lollipops and candy.
Grandma takes things out for me.
Grandma loves me.
Grandma understands that somebody wants something if they say please.
Grandma looks like a princess.
Grandma is good at getting me my dress ups out for me.
Grandma is nice to me.


My mom sounds like Edelweiss, or an I love you as I leave the house.
My mom smells like scent-free detergent and Ivory soap. Raffinee, if it was still around. Sugar Cookies and barbecued chicken.
My mom feels familiar when I hug her, but shorter than I remember.
My mom does too much and gets sick.
My mom gives me a sense of what it means to have someone really need you--that it isn't a one way street.
My mom takes her time getting ready in the morning. Every day, without fail: a paper, a night robe, a curling iron, and hours of prepping.
My mom loves White Christmas, grandchildren, lemon meringue pie, and laying in the sun.
My mom understands how hard it is when your husband is in law school, or what it means to lose a pregnancy.
My mom looks like she gets younger as the years go by.
My mom is good at teaching. Caring. Rubbing my back when I couldn't sleep. Floral arrangements, beading, crocheting and cartwheels.
My mom is more like me than I ever imagined.

Happy Mothers' Day! Love you, Mom!

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  1. Heather and Addie,

    I couldn't ask for a more wonderful Mother's Day present from both of you. I love you!