Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meemster has left the building.

Mimi (E's mom) retired this week!

She's done! No more work, ever. Wowie zowie. I'm so happy for her. We had dinner Friday night with E's fam after her last day of work. She seemed like she was in shock. And tired. Who wouldn't be? I'm so glad she's done working and now she can enjoy the wonderful house Papa built, and travel... and not get up and ride a bus to work anymore.

Mimi's such a blessing to us, and basically to everyone she knows. I couldn't ask for a better Mother-in-law. I know how lucky that makes me. The day E and I got engaged, she hugged me and said now I have two daughters, and basically, that's how it has been ever since. She loves me like one of her own and makes sure I know it on a regular basis. Even when E and I were separated and in such a painful phase, she was so good to me. She loves her kids and grandkids like crazy, and she makes the best quilts! (The one in the collage is only one of probably 15 she's made for us since we got married. We are loved and we are warm.) She would do anything for anyone in her family, and has done so for us more often than I can count.

When E and I decided to come back together, it had to be independent of all other considerations, but one of the most joyful things for me about it is that it means I am still a part of his family. I love them with all my heart.

Congratulations on your wonderful milestone, Mimi. Happy Retirement, Happy Birthday this week, and Happy Mothers' Day.

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