Monday, May 18, 2009

Like, Totally...

Um, yeah.

I have so much to write about. I don't even think I can write about any of it tonight before I spend some time making myself a list of what it is that needs writing. (I am the Queen of Charts, you know.) Let's see. I'll go in chronological order, I guess. It's going to take me at least a week to get through everything that happened in the last week, but that's good. For once I won't be sitting here banging my head on the keyboard trying to think of something interesting to say about my life. That's a little hard on the keys. The head too.

Okie doke, folks. This is just a list of all the stuff I need to write about. It's probably more for me than you, but I guess you can call it a prevue. Consider your "pre", viewed, then.

1. San Francisco with the monkeys. Exploratorium and Academy of Sciences. Awesome family vacation. Henry loves "Francisco's" and Addie says she is moving there. I love it.

2. San Diego with the E man. My horrid ingrown toenail (oh yeah, I went there, Blog. I couldn't wear shoes!), nasty flu and fever, Harley rides, restful leisure time with my dude, eating out, the Strip Club (not what you think), Star Trek nerd love, and my new found addiction to my GPS.

3. Running = not currently happening. :( Busy + swollen foot/nail + inability to breathe without coughing + fever + busy + busy = over a week, no run. I'm going to try to go tonight if I can get the monkeys babysat. I want to go. That's still something to celebrate. Stop looking at me like that. I couldn't help it. I'm still a runner. If I keep saying it, does that make it true?

4. My amazing family and how they came together all weekend to make yesterday even more amazinger. (Sorry... English teacher humor...) Talented, awesome people who I love and who are so fun to be around.

5. E's potential career path and some recent developments, and his graduation from Law School, which was great. Me, being choked up during the processional. Me, crying when he walked across the stage. Me, wishing I had a better camera lens. More family, more amazingness.

6. Our vow renewal, my thoughts. And maybe, our vows. I need to talk to E about that before I go deciding to post, all willy-nilly. Good day.

7. Being back to "normal" today, which included forgetting my school keys, and a broken air conditioner in the dance studio. Welcome back to life, PDawg. All your annoyances have been waiting for you. Hello, my friends.

8. The future, immediate and not so much. Did I mention ANYTHING is possible? God is good.

It's been a beautiful week. And now it's over. Ha. Hey, only a few weeks left until summer. I always find myself dreaming about other careers; perhaps these are futile dreams because right about now each year, vacation sounds like heaven on a stick.

I'm going to go drag out some leftover tri tip, potato salad, strawberries, and rolls and present it to my family as though I slaved for hours. I'm Julia Flipping Child, you know? E's done with his first day of Bar prep and he's in snoozing on the bed--he was snoring on my shoulder until I told him to go lay down and have a real nap in the cave. It's going to take a while for me to get used to him being home at night, although it's pretty cool that's an adjustment I need to make.

And just for spite, it's supposed to be 85 all week. 102 yesterday, 85 all week. Oh well.


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  1. You and your blog were missed. Welcome back to the dark side. I'm off to make much deserved, but not needed cookies! ;-)