Sunday, May 03, 2009

It's Sunday and I'm excited

1. Celebrity Apprentice is on, and the Race. I know my nerd is showing when I say this, but I look forward to those two shows all day on Sunday.

2. Lunch (I know, another celebration!) for my birthday today at a new place I've been wanting to try: Tex Wasabi's.

3. A run. I hope. If you follow my running stats on the right hand side of this page, you will see that I was a total loser this week and only ran twice. To my credit, not that it helps anything, it was raining from Thursday to Saturday. I wanted to go yesterday and on Friday, but I couldn't. Hmm... Maybe this "running is cheap and easy" thing isn't so cheap or easy if it's raining. I secretly (okay, not so secretly) want a gym membership so I can take the kids if E's busy and run indoors sometimes too. I reeeeaaaaallly want that. E's not very keen. I'm going to wait a while if I run today--the interwebs say that it's supposed to clear off a little this afternoon. Maybe an evening run now instead of a morning run.

4. Church. Maybe this not running in the morning thing is better, anyway. If I did get my run in now, I'd miss church. I love church. I've been going to the same one since E and I separated and I decided it was time I remembered who I was... (Well, going when I can, which is not always. Sometimes I watch the live feed online. ) I wish he'd go with me, but that's not probably happening anytime soon. I want to take the kids too, but I'm still kind of nervous about dropping them off--nervous that they'll feel scared since they don't know anyone... haven't worked up the courage to get over that hurdle yet. The church I attend doesn't allow kiddos in the service (sounds harsh--not bad, actually. It's very focused on Bible study and it would make things disruptive) so the kids have to go to Sunday school and I'm too chicken so far to take them.

5. There is no #5. I wish my dishes were done and I could go make a big breakfast, but as it stands now, the Hazmat team is probably on their way to cordon off the back of the house. Maybe I should do something about that.


  1. Stephen WashburnMay 3, 2009 at 8:25 AM

    Hey, what church? Live feed online? sounds very tech savvy and cool... me likey tech savvy!

  2. Calvary Chapel of Laguna Creek

  3. I'm excited because of what's we're doing in the hotel tonight. Sunday night's progressive, look forward to it all year.

  4. Pat Light, you're a dork. Enjoy your goofy frat mayhem. Be safe.