Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay, started writing this about 5:00, before Frontiernet and the interwebs took a giant crap. I couldn't find my confirmation numbers that I printed. Also couldn't print or access anything online the night before my trip. PANIC, like to the max, dudette. Imagine, if you will, how happy that made me... yes. Exactly that happy.

Anyway... this is what I started writing before my brain took an early vacation and my computer crossed its arms, stamped its feet, and then gave me the finger:

What to blog, what to blog? I feel totally self-conscious tonight. Exposed. Today is the day I allow graduating seniors access to my online life. So here's me, being all nervous that someone will read this and go OHMIGODPDAWGISAPERSON and it's freaking me out. A little.

You'd think I wouldn't care--there's definitely so much personal crap on here already, but I am having blog performance anxiety. I can't write good. (English teacher lulz!) It's like there's someone looking over my shoulder, expecting me to do a good job. Like Debi O., hovering while I signed her yearbook today. Meanwhile, nobody cares, really. I need to get over myself. I did "The Carlton" in front of my 2nd period this morning, for the love of Pete. I think I crossed the threshold of embarrassment a long time ago.

Henry is playing checkers on the floor right now, by himself. Guess it only takes one to party. I had a good day today, but it was a draining day. No more seniors. That's simultaneously good and hard to take. I got home and had to turn right back around--forgot a check I need for this trip tomorrow. Money is just about the only thing that would get me in the car in this heat, on my way back to school.

Did you hear me? I said I'm going on a trip. This is a lot of traveling in the last three months. I don't mind that it's only within California. California's pretty rockin. Disneyland rocks my socks right off.

So tonight I just have Disney on the brain--here's some pics of Ad in her A each year we've taken her. She's not going this time--just Mom and me, but every time I walk by the A, I can't help but think of Ad. In March I heard a rumor that the proposed remodel of California Adventure means extending the park entrance past the letters... don't know if they'll move them or take them out entirely. I'm sure Mr. Rambo knows. Guess which one I'm hoping for. Anyway, here's Ad:

Do you hear Kenny Rogers singing Through the Years? Because I do.

She needs to go back. The last one is from several years ago...

Also, while I'm posting randomness tonight (and trying to pack and trying to keep myself from throwing my computer out the window with rage), two things:

Thing #1:
Dear Amazon Kindle,

Come to Momma. You had me at hello. You had me at hello...

Thing #2:
Don't forget to read my last giveaway post, What About You? and comment it by 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. (Even you recent grad creepers who are on here reading about my stupid life. You can comment too.) I'm giving away another book. That's me--choc full of NERD.
I'm tired. Fatigued. The last day for seniors always kills me.

Okay nerds: Seeya. Disneyland (and one more load of laundry, first) awaits.

-Princess PDawg



  2. You're funny. I hope you have fun at Disney Land. Although, I wish right now...I was having fun at Disney Land.

    Jealous much!