Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Confession/ Playlist

I am addicted to itunes.

There, I said it. I start thinking I'm free of my demons, I'm cured, I can get my music illegally like everyone else, and then that temptress, that Siren, itunes, pulls me back in to her quantum singularity. Come see me... I have podcasts and shiny menus and easy navigation. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Next thing I know, I wake up in the gutter smelling like vodka and Easy Mac... wait, that was something else... but this thing is bad too.

Damn you, itunes, and damn your now $1.29 songs all to heck.

Tonight's mission? The perfect running playlist. Nevermind that because of my job, I already have more digital music than the entire population of China. It's a high. I'm collecting. I am a musical pack rat. I just like having it. For some people, handbags. For others, Jimmy Choos. For me, .mp3s. Lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve them. (Okay, shoes and bags too. Shh!)

I already have a playlist called "Across the floor," the Jazz Dance teacher equivalent of running music, but I'm not satisfied. I'm like Napoleon, charging into Russia like a big dope. Unprepared and unrealistic, but clicking away and blind to the danger lurking ahead. Let's be clear--I don't have zee money to feed my addiction. Just a lust for zee tunes. A yen. A yearning.

What did I come up with? I had a gift certificate (because people in my family don't know about my problem), and I am playing right into Apple's sleek, metallic and white, calculated scheme... I see, I want.

HELP, I'm falling in love. With newness. With freedom to buy. Can't. Stop. Must. Put. Down. Mouse.

Tonight I came up with a new running playlist (I'm such a playlist fan. Sheesh.) which is a combo of the old "Across the floor" playlist plus some jammin' tunes I found on playlists at Chic Runner and Runner's World. Because that's just the kind of Awesome slash musically inclined runner slash teacher-poet that I am.


Wanna see my playlist? Nope. Top secret. I could show you, but then I'd have to kill you. Okay, not really, but my dad always says that and I'm just trying to be cool. Here ya go. Haters to the left.

Old, new, it's all here, including my guilty pleasures. Some of these songs are just powerfully memory-laden from the OTDC ballet/ jazz dance days of yore. Some just make me laugh. Heck, I'm not promising to be current. But I am promising a consistent runnability and appropriate tempo. I knew all that Cecchetti training for my Associate's Exam would come in handy one day. Read, admire, download; I don't want you telling me you hate Coldplay--you meanies can go suck cheese.

It's long. Sorry. I like variety and the "skip" and "random" functions. Oh yes.

PDawg's Preposturously Peppy Playlist

Baby Got Back/Sir Mix A Lot
Let's Get Loud/ JLo
Walkin' on the Sun/Smashmouth
Sin Wagon/ Dixie Chicks
Bamboleo/ Gipsy Kings
Just Dance/Jamiroquai
I Drove All Night/Celine Dion
Since U Been Gone/Kelly Clarkson
Crazy/ Gnarly Barkley
Temperature/Sean Paul
Ain't No Other Man/Xtina
Higher Ground/Red Hot Chili Peppers
Route 66/Cars Soundtrack
What is Love/ A Night at the Roxbury Soundtrack
Lady/Lenny Kravitz
Let's Get It Started/ Black Eyed Peas
Hung Up/Madonna
Crazy In Love/ Beyonce
Oye Mi Cuerpo/ Gloria Estefan
Everybody Dance Now/ C + C Music Factory
Where Are We Runnin?/ Lenny Kravitz
Hey Mama/Black Eyed Peas
Smooth Criminal/ Michael Jackson
Beautiful Day/U2
Maneater/ Nelly Furtado
Ready Steady Go/Oakenfold
Get the Party Started/ P!nk
Hey Ya!/ Outkast
Here it Goes Again/ Ok Go
Livin' La Vida Loca/ Ricky Martin
Bodyrock/ Moby
Slide/ Goo Goo Dolls
Glamorous/ Fergie
Shake It/ Metro Station
Forever/ Chris Brown
Clocks/ Coldplay
Rehab (Hot Chip Remix)/ Amy Winehouse
Pokerface/ Lady Gaga
Push It/ Salt N Pepa
Oh My God/ Lily Allen
Shut Up and Let Me Go/ The Ting Tings
Viva La Vida/ Coldplay
Welcome to the World/ Kevin Rudolf
We Run LA/ Ya Boy
Waking Up in Vegas/ Katy Perry
The Rockafeller Skank/ Fatboy Slim
Live Your Life/ TI
Let it Rock/Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne
Knock You Down/Keri Hilson
I'm the Ish/ DJ Class
Harder to Breathe/ Maroon 5
Goodbye/ Kristina DeBarge
Faded/ Cascada
A-Punk/Vampire Weekend

See, I saved myself some money right there. (Just FYI, I had most of them already.) Blogging, rather than buying. Who knew. Any other songs I'm missing?


Expert of Nothing


  1. Nice... thank you for continuing to add revenue to my company, in your own small way you are keeping me in a job, and for that I thank you!

  2. I love Sarai's "Ladies". It is such a cheesy song but I get pumped up every time. Maybe it'll do the same for you!

  3. I didn't see any Britney! I actually very much like her new album "Circus" lots o' good "across the floor" running-esque music....ummmm, I love me some John Mayer, but he's not very "runny" (just dirty and a skank-ho, but I love him anyways), I love that you have "Walking on the Sun" on there b/c every time it plays on the radio I do that dance in my head and giggle to myself....teehee.....Lady GaGa, weird, but good for dancing and stuff, I love Duffy's "Mercy" (I know it has been overplayed, but I still like it).....Man! I've got a lot more, but I'd have to look at my ipod to see what else.....I hope this helps!

    Ummm, the whole vodka and easy mac thing made me laugh out loud in front of clients...it was too good!


  4. Oh! Wait! "American Boy" by Estelle

    and I'm spent!

  5. Crap! I thought of another..... you know that Black Eye Peas song that has the "Mas Que Nada" theme? That one too! And, drumroll please, "Voulez-Vous Dancez" by Ace of Base.....awwwww yeeeah!


  6. Sofia--thanks I'm going to check it out. Definitely!

    Sarah--OMG lady. Ace of Freaking Base? And yeah I need some Mas Que Nada. Maybe not Hut Sut though. :) Not sure about Brit. Soooo played out for high school dance classes... maybe after a month or two I will be able to listen again. I have that album. And I just reminded myself, the Ne-Yo album is pretty poppin too...OMG, poppin. Help me.