Monday, May 11, 2009


(Forgive me a little schmaltzy sentimentality this week, okay?)

I'm gonna take a few days off from blogdom and fix my thoughts on a different task... I need to write my vows for Sunday, when E and I will be making a new commitment to each other: informal, but very serious to each of us. We're closing this painful chapter and beginning work on the rest of our story, together. (Sorry, couldn't resist the literary cliche. At least I didn't use the word explication.)

I need to focus. Don't want to use up the good stuff on you, Blog. Sorry. I promise to be back next week with all kinds of stuff to say. Check back about Monday or so.

Until then, I'll be thinking.

I'll be reveling in the joy that comes from choosing to love, and relaxing in the confidence that comes from being chosen in return. Even if I have snaggle teeth and five chins. And I don't like to clean off the bathroom counter, and I don't do the dishes right. He chooses me. I choose him back, with his pants on the floor at night and all his quirks. *happy sigh* This is how it is to be, you know.

I heard Dr. Phil say once that it's an imperfect match of two willing souls. That's the best you hope for. If you get it, hang on to it. Working at it shows the other person how much they mean to you.

This week I'll be savoring this moment in life, relishing my time with E, and delighting in my family. It's the start of a new chapter--something good. I can tell.

Peace out (for a while), friends.



  1. i'll miss you! but i'll get to still see you, so i guess it will be ok.

  2. I was looking for the "Melissa like's this" button...oops, wrong socail networking tool!

  3. What a cute family you are! Just clicking over from my blog and thought I'd say hi. Good luck this weekend!!