Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back in Business. The RUNNING Business.

This blog thing is sure great for accountability. No sooner had I written the paragraph that said I wasn't running right now, than I was plotting about how to fit a run in this evening. This is how I know things are different. Still want to run. Still running.

E had a "meeting" tonight (we'll decide if we'll post the subject of the meeting on the blog soon enough) and I knew he was going to be gone from about 7:00 on. Prime run time. Dang. It's too hot to run in the afternoon. The only thing that isn't cheap or easy about running is having two little monkeys who can't come with me yet. Usually I leave them with E while I go. Plan #1, like I blogged, was to have someone watch them. I just didn't feel good about asking anybody. People have been following us around, doing things for us for over a week, so it would've just been uncouth. You know me, I'm always couth.*

*yeah, I know. Not a word.

I haven't taken the kids yet because we don't have a real jogging stroller, they're probably too heavy to push anymore anyway, and they are not quite bike/training-wheel savvy enough to do more than up and down our street. But this is a week for new beginnings, so we set out just before sunset to see how far we'd get. We made it to Grandma Mary's and back. That's a lot of riding for little leggies.

Did I run? Well, there was running. It wasn't continuous. It wasn't very far. Just over a mile. It was momming and running. Lots of stopping to push a helmet out of somebody's eyes, or kiss a scraped knee, or pat Ad on the back to bolster her confidence. She's struggling with being afraid on the bike. Buddy is a maniac--he takes off like a rocket, and she's so conscious of every single move. She's so careful. So methodical. So fearful. I'm aware of the genetic connection. I want her to be brave. I want her to keep at things. I want her to push herself, even now. She does well once she gets in some practice, but she's reluctant. Took a lot of coaching tonight. Lots of "Hey Ad, you can do this. When things get hard, you try harder."

Successes: Ad, using her brake pedals. She actually figured out how to slow herself. Bud, making it on his bike for over a mile and not complaining. Me, putting on my running clothes, going outside, enjoying the air with my kids.

As we rode/ ran back, Ad asked "can we do this again tomorrow?"

Answer: yes.

Henry looked over at me and smiled, and asked "Mom, are you gonna blog?"

Answer: yes.

Back on track, so to speak.


  1. I knew the kids would love coming with you on your runs. I am so glad that is working out!

  2. Yay running! And yay for kids on bikes!