Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shameless Family Photo Posting... Part II

Day 2 of Easter... This time at my grandparents' house and then my aunt and uncle's. There are no pics of the second house today. I am worn out. Too much work to push the button on a point and shoot camera. Sigh.

Everybody line up and take a picture.

Aw. Munchkies.

Hunting in Gram's rose garden. At one point she had 200 different varieties. I'm not sure what the number is now.

Eggs in the grape vines. By August, this fence will be covered. Yum.

Roodle and Bob.

Roodle hunting in her "high heels."

Buddy helping Dad find eggs.

Ad learned to jump rope today.

Trial and error.


Family Bocce court, in the extended part of the yard.


No bees today, though.

Highlight: Dad throwing the kids' airplane on the roof. Kayla climbing up on the roof to retrieve them. Dave throwing an airplane on top of the roof again, not 30 seconds after she got down.

Gotta love family!

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  1. Roses, Bocce ball and Wine (grapes)...OH MY!!! Do you think your grandparents will adopt me?? ;-) Looked like you guys had some good ol' family fun! YAY!