Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shameless Family Photo Posting... Part I

The Hunt

There really were eggs in here--
this was just some poor camera work on my part.

Beanie hid this one up so high it took one dad + two kids to get it. We finally had to make Hanko stand on E's shoulders. And I dropped my sunglasses and stepped on them trying to get a picture. Win.

Ad's loot

Note Ad's knees. Totally E. If I did that, we'd have to call an ambulance.

Can't you just see the conversation happening here? So Dad...
about Sentinel Prime. Mmm hmm... My boys.

Ad and Iz, playing Globe.

Aunt KT, the Meemster, Hanko, and Sal

Wish Ad was in this one, but it's pretty good of the three of us.

Me, doing what I do best at family gatherings: Eating too much and then having to lay down. I think I'm cracking my knuckles too. I'm so gross.

I swear, I have no idea where he learned this.

Remember those cookies we made last night? Yeah.

Tongue of concentration.

Don't you like to frost cookies topless too? Wait, that sounds wrong.

Heck yeah, I post pictures of my kitchen with a pile of dishes in the sink. I do it so you can feel better about yourself.

Best frosting color EVAR.

Wrapping up the last ones. Easter Part I is complete. Tomorrow it's bee-ropin' and egg-huntin' with the Kynastons. Yee haw!


  1. I see these pictures and AP English seems like a billion years ago.

  2. You want to feel really old? I teach AP English now.

  3. um, your not gross. i crack my knuckles. i crack everything. sometimes i crack something,but i dont even know what it was!