Saturday, April 18, 2009

Running update

I suppose that title is problematic; it sounds like I am talking about a running update on something else. How 'bout running update on running? How about I end this stream-of-consciousness jag here and now?

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Running totals, week 1 (so far--Monday-Friday):

Days of running: 4

Miles: 6.45

I started on Monday, and my goal was to run every day this week, and then I'd either take off Saturday and Sunday, or just Sunday. I ran Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I had to take Friday off, though, which is actually when I am writing this. The kids didn't sleep last night, and it was the last straw in a week of poor sleep behavior on both of their parts. Both E and I approached the world bleary-eyed and cranky today, and a splitting headache was right there waiting for me when I got up. I didn't eat breakfast either, so by 10:00, the Excedrin I took was the only thing in my stomach. I got the old-school sugar shakes + caffeine jitters, so I had to eat some crackers, and by that time I could tell my chances of actually running were shot. I had to know when to say when.

My hope is to get up Saturday morning and run about 2 miles--which would be a slight increase in distance from what I've been doing (approx. 1.5 miles each time). I know that I need to give my body rest, but I am relatively active, so it's not like I'm going from never having exercised to over-exerting myself, either. Plus, I know that I tend to feel less soreness if I get myself moving again. Let's also not forget momentum. My problem before has always been quitting. I didn't want to give myself a break, because I didn't want to allow myself to quit this early in the game. I think that, you know, God said Sunday is, like, His official day off, so it should be mine too.

I haven't been concentrating on speed or time, only that I keep moving for at least 20 minutes each day. I was really sore by Wednesday. I'm sure that wasn't helped any by a bit of over-zealous dance teaching: I tried to kick my classes' collective butts with some tough conditioning on Tuesday. I never know why that seems like a good idea--something that sounds fun for one hour gets really difficult by the third time that day. And I'm kind of a show off. Anyway.

Some of the things I noticed: (By the way, feel free to think I am a lame noob, or that I am stating things here that other people already accept and understand, but I don't care. It's my blog, so it's my epiphany. Get your own.)
  • Muscle soreness got much better by day 4, and by day 5 I didn't hurt at all.
  • While I was not trying to gain speed, it wasn't as excruciating to keep going.
  • My time actually decreased by day 4 to run the same distance, even though I wasn't pushing myself, speed-wise.
  • I could feel my lungs being able to handle it a little bit better by day 3, and by day 4 I noticed a definite difference. Not as much of an urge to hack anything up. Ew, sorry,
  • I looked forward to going every single time. That is probably the biggest shocker for me.

One of my students told me last week that they say if you can stick with running for two weeks, you can stick with it for a lifetime.* Hmm. Who are "they," anyway? Well, it doesn't really even matter. I suppose I should go look up what "they" say about habit-building, and how many hours it takes to do that. A lot, if I'm remembering correctly.

*I believe "they" say that about breastfeeding too, but let me just be frank for a second. That is NOT true. Of course, I got to that place where it was easy as pie, but at week two I was still curling my toes every time they latched on, and still thinking wow, this is probably the worst form of torture I can imagine. Let's take an open wound and stick a leech on it. Oh shoot, I'm getting all clammy and uncomfortable just thinking about it. It took until about week 5 or 6 for me. So maybe running is like that too. Hang in there, clench your fists, curl your toes and just get through the flesh-tearing pain.

I've been mapping my routes on MapMyRoute, which also has a handy free iphone app that will trace your route using GPS. It marks your time, speed, distance, and elevation. Fun. Remember how I said that I like planning my run more than doing it? I'm trying not to let that side of me take over. I'm also running to these free podcasts that itunes has for runners. No breaks, and continuous, changing, perfectly synced, perfect BPM running music. You know I run in time to the music, so my usual problem is that I have to keep hitting the FF on the pod. This means no fussing.

Well, Friday night, I saw my friends in CORE Dance Collective perform their latest show, Undefined Existence. Wowzers. I can't even believe they used to let me dance with them. So good. And so athletic. It just added a little more motivation to this little running thing I'm on.

I am a runner, you know.

Uh. Get some.

~The Runner Formerly Known as P

*Edited at 9:00 4/18: Just got back from the Saturday morning run. 2 miles in 20 minutes, which is how long it was taking me to go 1.5 on Monday. That brings my weekly totals to this:

Week 1

Days of running: 5

Miles: 8.4


  1. In case you can't tell, today is the day I've set aside time to catch up on your blog...hehe!
    Good job on the consistent running schedule and keep on keepin' on, girlie!
    You BRICK!!! ;-)