Friday, April 24, 2009

Milestone: First Grade Open House

Last night was Addie's First Grade Open House. A few highlights:

1) Her self-portrait. It's hard to see the glasses from the pic, but I love the specs and the "surprise" mouth.
2) Her "cozy" dress.
3) She was so excited to take us around. Bonus: E made that planter box last year for the Kindergarten classes.
4) Ad's first attempt at Abstract art.
5) Her adjective flower. Notables: fast, smart, hard-working, pretty, and kind.
6) Her abstract piece and her symmetrical flower. What a great metaphor for her parentage. She's the genetic juxtaposition of order and messy creativity.
7) What a ham.
8) Watercolor butterfly. When was it that we stopped being able to make things out of coffee filters? I miss that.


  1. Love these pics! I think she got the artistic ability from you H! The self-portrait is really cute. :) Looks like you guys had a fun time - can't believe she's so grown up.

  2. Oh man how much would it suck to look over at someone else's kid's adjective flower and see "pretty" and then look on your own kid's flower and not see that

    what a blow

  3. They got to pick their own adjectives... so I suppose any kid could have had "pretty" just as easily as they could have had "obnoxious." Depends on how self-aware they are. :)