Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maybe we can catch some wind

Me: (putting Calvin away in the dog yard so he doesn't try to lay on Addie's towel anymore)  There you go, guys.  Now he won't bother you.   He thinks if you lay down on the ground that you want to play.

Henry: Hey, Mom?

Me: Yeah Bud.

Henry:  Maybe now that the dogs are in the side yard we could clean up the wind a little bit.

Me:  What?

Henry:  You know, the wind.  Maybe we could catch it, a little.

Me:  (looking around in case I missed the obvious conversation-starter) What the heck are you talking about?  How would we do that?

Henry: (points to the sky, gestures to the popup awning in the backyard)  You know, we could, like, first we could get a spoon, you know, the kind without any holes in it, and maybe we could... first we could hang it up, and then the wind could come and we could catch some of it.

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