Tuesday, April 14, 2009

jog blog: day 2

I did it! I didn't give up on the second day. Aren't you proud of me, Internet?

Seriously though. I did not want to get on this thing tonight when I got home to say that I was going to run "tomorrow." We all know what that code means. I didn't do anything seriously wonderful--just a mile and a half on the school track at lunch, but I did it. I kept my momentum for two days, which is oh, I don't know, still better than any other time I've tried to start running. Bonus: tonight I can sit on the couch after I get home and not feel guilty about not running. Instead, I plan to sit on the couch and feel guilty about not cleaning. Isn't that so much better?

The wind is terrible today though. I feel like I swallowed half a tree. I'm sitting in my classroom for a few more minutes until I am sure that I don't stink (don't worry, I have a change of clothes and the necessary accoutrements) and that I am not going to hack up a lung at lunch.

I think my colleagues will thank me.


  1. Good for you!!

    Hey--a question. I have an interview next week at eg. The vp said another former member is also interviewing. Do you know who it is? I wanted to co-coach with Kaila but she got a promotion and can't. I still would like to co-coach but I don't know who else is interested.

  2. Way to go...now you can blog about it too...which definitely helps for motivation-kayda