Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hurry baaaaaack.... hurry baaaaaack.

Bonus points if you can name the ride from which the title comes.

So, yeah. Here I am. I meant to post yesterday, but I was only able to remain conscious for about four hours somewhere in the middle of the day. I didn't even take my phone with me around town. I just needed to unplug for a while. I didn't want to be reachable.

Me and Mickey in the Animation Building in California Adventure.
Coincidentally, I don't have any pictures of Mickey in his sorcerer outfit from previous trips. Nice bonus.

3D Glasses from the new Toy Story ride in
California Adventure.
I love it!
So much fun.

The trip was successful. I have plenty to write about, but some of it I'm going to keep to myself. For now. Let's say, until the end of this school year. There were people along the way that made my journey much more difficult. That's enough for now. I don't want to be accused of bad mouthing anyone on the internet, even though I have to say this one takes the cake.

Ahh... I better stop it before I let my mouth get me in trouble. I'm adding it to my list of stories that will be told post-coaching. It's on the horizon. It's coming soon. More importantly, the kids were awesome, and I could not love Disneyland any more. The issues we had did not keep us from having fun. It was busy but we were able to work the system well enough so we didn't really have to wait for anything at all until Sunday. Between hitting things early in the morning, taking afternoons off for naps, and using 'single rider passes' to get right on the busier rides, it was a breeze.

I do have to say that this trip was another reminder to me that there are people who "do" Disneyland like my family does, and a whole lot of people who don't. Takes all kinds, I guess. It is nice to know where everything is though and not have to look at a map. And did I mention I love Disneyland?

I had two groups with me this time, since Drill doesn't currently have a coach. It was really nice to be a part of that team again though. I have such fond memories of my time in the Drill Team family. The kids integrated well, and it was pretty smooth. I missed Buddy and Miss Roo and E though. SO BAD. Basically, I missed my whole family. Disneyland has been good to us.

My dancers.

Everybody together. I blurred these because I wouldn't feel right about posting their pics here, but I wanted you to see how many kids I was keeping track of for the weekend. It's kind of a big job.

Once again, I need a while to turn my brain back on. If you add up all the things I've been doing, I hadn't had a break since before Riverside, which was mid-March. I think that's why I am laying around and unable to complete a thought. I promise I'll keep working on it.

To my beloved Mickey Pretzels (I believe I consumed three):
You so totally rock!


  1. Hurry Baaaack Hurry Baaack, don't forget to bring your death certificate. Rambo for the bonus

  2. It's Haunted Mansion no? Spent the best vacation of my life at Disneyland a couple years ago, because of the people with whom I went. Fond memories.

  3. Meh. i really want to go to disneyland. haunted mansion. yes.