Friday, May 01, 2009

Hank story (do not read if you can't handle the word "poop")

*Disclaimer: This is funny, but kind of gross. Just like about 90% of parenthood. Don't read it if you can't handle the word poop. Or if you're grossed out by people who talk about poop. Or if you like to pretend like you were never a kid who was four years old and needed to talk about poop. Seriously. I'm a parent of two little kids. Poop happens. Hit that back button fast if you need to escape from my reality.

Thursday, 6:45 AM

I'm sitting on the couch reading email, and Henry comes out and snuggles under my blanket.

Henry: My tummy hurts, Mom.

Me: Are you hungry?

Henry: (running to the bathroom, calling back at me) ...No. I need to do potty. Right now.

One minute later

Henry: (from the bathroom, to himself) WHOA! WHAT A HUGE POOP.

Me: (calling down the hall) Are you done in there? You ready for me to help you?

Henry: NO. I need to do pee first.

Me: Okay, Buddy. Call me when you're ready.

A few minutes later


Me: (Upon entering the bathroom, seeing the results,) Whoa bud. You weren't kidding.

Henry: I know. It's really HUGE. I made a big huge one. That's a huge grownup poop from the poop factory in my butt.


  1. That is SOOO cute, it almost makes me want to have a kid...almost. :-)

  2. haha...that's funny and oddly sounds familiar! Some of our funniest conversations take place in our bathrooms. ;-)

  3. Yeah, it's pretty gross. But when you're in your own house, you can laugh about gross stuff. And then dweebs like me go and put that stuff online...