Thursday, April 09, 2009

Google Reader <3

Hey. Pssst. C'mere. I want to teach you about something: Google Reader.

I know there's probably a large variety of people who read this now. Oh. Haha... I don't mean that I'm all that and a bag of chips, but I mean to say that out of the 12 or so people who read this every day (kidding again--it's up to about 100 unique visitors a day!), there most likely exists some variety. So today I'm posting a little tech help thing. Not real tech help, but tech help for normal people. For blog reading people. Some of the people I know are interested in easy to understand, practical computer applications for non-techies. This is for you, my people.

Are you already awesome? Than hit that little back arrow at the top of your browser and skeedaddle on outta here. I'll see you later. But for the rest of y'all, I want to show you something.

p.s. (in the middle of my post) Do you notice how y'all has become a part of my vernacular in blog land? I blame Sarah.

About a year and a half ago, I was a blog noob. I had no idea what a blog even was. I got on this kick for a while where I read PW every day, and eventually even a few others, but I kinda let it go. Too hard to go each and every blog, see if something was posted, read it, move on to another blog. I'm lazy. I know you are too. It got too hard to predict when people would update, and then how long to wait to check again. I gave up.

Enter Google Reader, stage left.

Again, let me remind you that I am not the pinnacle of tech knowledge--I'm not even a foothill of tech knowledge--but I suspect that not all of you know about this little gem. Okay. For starters, you know how Yahoo, Google, all those guys each have their own version of a homepage that you can customize? To me, one seemed as good as another. Then one day I got bored with myYahoo and how it never updated correctly, so I switched over to iGoogle.

Here's a basic screenshot:

Click any of these to make larger.

One of the things you can add to your google homepage ( is called Google Reader. I lurve it. Here's what it will look like when you set it up.

Here's what Google Reader does, and why I love it so much. It collects RSS feeds (basically this just means updates from blog sites each time they publish), or subscriptions, and assembles all of the recent posts from your favorite blogs into one inbox-style place. No more hunting all over the internet for the possibility of a new blog post. All your posts in one place. Fabulous. Fun. Fantastic. Foolery. I'll come in again.

Each morning I wake up to my little Google Reader inbox full of that day's new blog posts. I read blogs that are well-known, national blogs, and blogs of former students. Martha Stewart's blog and my own blog. All in one convenient little place. Are you as excited about this as I am? Try to contain yourselves.

Screenshot of my reader, tonight. Nothing is showing as unread because, well... I read them all today.

Yes, I have my own blog in my Reader. I just always want to make sure it comes through correctly. Don't judge.

Adding blogs to your reader is very easy. Most blogs have a 'subscribe' button, and often when you click on that you can choose 'add to Google Reader'. Another possibility is that you can go to Google Reader itself, type in the blog url (web address) and it will generally find it that way too. I know there are other feed readers and many other people prefer them, but I like my Google Reader--nestled right there between my email, Fark, and a weather prediction.

I hope this was helpful to you. There's a whole world of interesting blogs out there to read, and having a place to organize them daily makes things much, much easier. I'm all about the path of least resistance. Go ahead. Try it. On the right hand side of this blog is a box entitled 'Subscribe.' Click on 'Posts'--then choose Google. Follow the steps to add me to your Google reader. Then each time I post, it gets delivered to your inbox, pronto. Voila!

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  1. I will gladly take the blame for your new found usage of "y'all"! I'm so proud of you! ;-)