Wednesday, April 22, 2009

God, TV sucks tonight.

Why can't The Biggest Loser be on every night? I love that show. Those fatties sure get me. I don't think I can wait another week. I hope you know I say "fatties" with all the love in my heart. Those people are amazing, and they inspire me. What they do is phenomenal.

As I was saying though, TV blows cheese tonight. It has come to watching reruns of Chopped. Nobody likes that. I already know what they're going to chop. Lame. I am compelled to elaborate on my love of TV. TBL is an exception to this rule, but I have to say I heart any show where the contestants have to improvise.

Improvisation in dance is spontaneous, unplanned movement. It is my favorite thing in the whole dang world. It can be cerebral, artistic, scary, and emotionally moving. It follows, naturally, that most of my favorite shows involve some form of improvisation. I love to see how different people approach a challenge. I love watching the creative process, in any form. It doesn't matter what it is.

Par example:

Top Chef. Food improvisation.
Chopped. Same.
The (Celebrity) Apprentice. Business "improv."
Top Design/ Shear Genius. Lame shows, but good room decoration and hair styling improv.
Project Runway. Clothing improvisation. Fierce.
America's Next Top Model. Modeling improvisation. (Don't judge me. I see you! It's a skill. )

I love watching people think about the solution to a problem. It doesn't matter what the problem is. Okay, maybe it does. They're not going to make a TV show called Agree on a California State Budget any time next summer. I think it would be a real nail-biter though.

Of course, I am a card-carrying TV junkie. I'll watch most anything. Almost. I'm not in to gross-out TV or physical challenges (and while we're at it, why is the physical challenge on The Biggest Loser every week something involving hanging those poor, overweight people 200 feet up in the air on a little wire? Enough with the fatty trapeze, NBC!) and some things I just like because they are guilty pleasures. I'm nosy. I love me some Real Housewives or Celebrity Rehab or What Not To Wear as much as the next guy. Dr. Drew? Sigh. And don't EVEN get me started on all the dance shows. That's work-related though. Excusable.

I think the shows that motivate me the most, the ones that pique my interest above all those voyeuristic, vapidities, are the shows that follow this formula:

Challenge, Brainstorming, Production of Product, Outcome.

Doesn't matter if it's making a dress out of produce, creating a playroom, or cooking a dish with figs, saltines, and Swedish Fish. I dig it.

Thanks for listening to my TV mania. I bet you didn't think somebody could waste this much time talking about reality TV, didya? Maybe someday I will get some friends IRL. Nah.

PS: American Idol, I see you there. I had enough of you once you started exploiting the mentally ill and people who were not self-aware enough to know better. Plus, you are boring and I can't watch Paula/Simon/Randy anymore, Dog. Boo. I said it. Stone away, dear public.


  1. I have a TV suggestion: it's not reality TV but is built around a very intruiging idea and makes me wonder if it could be a real job... the show? Lie To Me. Excellent, thoughtful and creative. I'm way into it... Fox40 at 8 pm. Check it out!

  2. My dad watches that too. He said it was good. (Hey, are you my dad, Anonymous?) Anyway. I will check it out. Merci.

  3. I agree with everything...I hate American Idol, too! In fact, I'm so depressed about Wednesday night tv, that I'm going to bed early! Nighty night...Blesso~OUT!

  4. I watch Lie to Me, however, you start to recognize the facial expressions, and realize that you already know what the show is going to be like! -KM

  5. Fatties!!!!!! I want you to know that I am the perfect size for my Height and Weight. Besides everyone knows the best show on TV is The Big Bang Theory followed by How I met your Mother topped off with Heroes and Chuck.

    So There

    I will not admit this in public and if asked I will say that It was not me writing this but Breanna has me addicted to (Dare I say it) So you think you can dance!!!

  6. I love all those shows too- Biggest Loser, Top Model, Top Chef, Project Runway....ahhh. But Top Model is on Wednesday nights, so TV isn't too bad. I'm trying to watch less TV nowadays anyway. And workout more. On my Wii.

    I know it sounds silly, but wii fit actually gives me a workout.

    Who are you rooting for on TBL?