Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eve's Eve

Lots of goings-on today. Can you tell, since I didn't post anything yet? It's a new record for me. My "to do" list for today:

1. Get up at a decent hour. Ha.
2. Get hair cut. At noon. Be awake before noon.
3. Take Buddy to get a hair cut.
4. Go to Kaiser, get chest x-ray. More about that later.
5. Pick Ad up from school.
6. Boil eggs that should have been boiled last night.
7. Dye eggs.
8. Pot Roast. Mmmm...
9. Bake something.
10. Watch the Soup.

Okay. We all know I didn't get up at a decent hour. I did sleepwalk through getting Ad up for school, dressed, cute, etcetera, etcetera. Even packed her a lunch. But then I plopped myself right back into bed and re-assimilated myself into the state of hibernation to which I had previously been committed. I'm a little afraid to proclaim this here, but E left after taking Ad to school, so it was just me and Bud. I may have made sure he was taken care of (read: playing Transformers and watching The Penguins of Madagascar), and I may have gone to sleep while he was occupied. Okay, I did. That's pretty bad. But vacay ends today, so I had to get in a little bit more time. He was happy. He got me though. He made me realize why that was a bad idea. God, I love my kids.

The place: my bedroom. A groggy me, unconscious and drooling. The tackiness of my disheveled appearance is rivaled only by the comedic state of my hair.

Enter Bud.

Hank: Mom, I accidentally ate some Skittles.

Me: Accidentally?

Hank: Yeah, on accident.

Me: You accidentally ate a few, or a lot?

Hank: I accidentally ate a lot of them.

Like Skittles were just crawling up his chin, forcing their way in. I love it. Note to self: next time I'm a bad parent, hide the candy.

We made it to both haircuts (barely), and Kaiser for my x-ray. To teach, I have to have TB clearance, and my skin test always comes back as a false positive. I have to get an x-ray proving I'm not all disease-y. Every time. What a pain in the neck. Know what else is a pain in the neck? Kaiser not having a doctor on duty today. Me having to drive to the other Kaiser on Monday so I can keep my job. Boo. This has absolutely nothing to do with my procrastination. I blame everyone but myself.

We continued our tradition this year of dyeing eggs with K, the kids' Fairy Godmother. I didn't get any pics of her this time... don't know why. Here are some of the kids looking like they want to spill dye on the floor.

She is, too.

So careful, this one.

My boy.

Dinner was a pot roast, and I have to say I owned that roast. Pwned, if you will. Yummers. I could tell just from the aroma that it required witnesses, so I called the 'rents and asked them to join us. It was a lovely little evening. I'm thankful for so many wonderful people in my life. And I'm thankful for pot roast. It's aaaaaaaaalll good. After dinner (and after my mom brought me her Easter cookie cutters--why on earth would I own such a thing if Mom already does?) I got to work on some sugar cookies. Why? Because apparently baking four tarts for two days of Easter didn't seem like enough work. I'm too much of my mom's family. Party mode. Look it up. You will see our picture there.

Here are some cookie pics. Ad took them. Not bad. Frosting tomorrow. Right now I am covered in flour and oozing relaxed contentment. Don't want to get any contentment on them. I'll wait until tomorrow.

I am not what you would call a "neat" cook.

Note the new hair. Shorter. Note also flour on face. Awesome.

I just wrapped things up by making some flash cards for Ad. She was struggling a bit last night with subtraction and we realized that she is trying to figure each problem out, rather than knowing number families by sight. My synesthesia certainly did NOTHING to help me with math, so I want my little Roo to have a leg up when it comes to this kind of thing. I want to be a supportive parent. Tonight I got busy on some old school math flash cards. Don't ever say it's not exciting over here.

So that's about it. As I am writing this, I am realizing that I never wrote about the synesthesia thing here--just on facebook, so I will copy what I originally wrote there, below, if you are interested, thus making this the longest random post in history. If you already know about that or don't care or you're just tired of reading, go check out the funny headlines on or something. There's a good pi joke today.
So Here's Something Really Weird I learned about Myself Today
Orginally posted August 15, 2008 to Facebook

I'm a

I started to become aware some time in the last 10 years that when I see a number, I associate a color with it. Every number (single digit) has a corresponding color, and that color doesn't change. Ever. 0 has no color (it's neutral: can be black or white or clear), 1 is white, 2 is yellow, 3 is green, 4 is purple, 5 is red and so on... This has been the source of endless teasing for my friends that I have told about it.

I've done this since I can remember. I totally did this as a kid. I see a number as it is in front of me, let's say it's printed in black, then I see it in black, but if the number is 2, I just _know_ it is yellow, etc. I see it in my mind that way. I also have all these little rules in my head about color/number combinations--"stronger" colors take over in a two digit number, and certain number combinations I don't like at all because of the colors I associate with them. You should see me try to play roulette. I thought this was just my own personal brand of crazy. I've never met anyone else who has this kind of association. And NO, I haven't done any drugs. I'm as drug free as it gets.

So yesterday I was reading an article on
fark about someone saying they "heard" colors in music, and most of the comments were like 'yeah right' and all about how he was probably on drugs, but there was a comment by a composer who explained how he "hears" shapes in notes; from his post I found a link to the wiki page for synesthesia... and then I discovered that grapheme-color synesthesia refers to people who "see" colors when they see a number or letter. Who knew? It's always interesting in life when you learn you aren't the only one who does something. Apparently there are all these examples of artists, authors, etc. who do this. Too bad mine couldn't be the musical kind. It would probably help me more as a choreographer. :) (Side note: I also do this with the _meter_ or counts in music. A 2/4 is yellow, the "1" count in any song is white, a 3/4 is green and a 6/8 is blue... thus they are related musically, numerically, and by color. Do you see how deep this goes!?!?!)

I have obviously heard of
synesthesia in poetry and literature--"the green silence", etc. No idea that it referred to what I've been doing my whole life. Probably explains why I had to stop at high school calculus. No room for colors in advanced math. But other than preventing my being a rocket scientist, I don't seem to suffer any difficulties as a result.

Don't judge.
Synesthetes are people too. :)
Yeah. That was a lot. Watch out for crazy synesthetes bearing rolling pins. Just saying.



  1. Love the soup
    Love the pics
    Love the do!
    Love you! ;-)

  2. nice ending. i know not to mess with you.

  3. What is the recipe for your pot roast? -Kayda

  4. Not really a recipe. Take a Chuck Roast and brown it on all sides. Turn the stove down to low. Throw in some onions and garlic. Leave alone for two hours. Eat. :)