Thursday, April 16, 2009

aujourd'hui, j'aime:

(today, I love:)
  1. Random, supportive phone calls from dance teacher buddies.
  2. Reconnecting with someone from high school last night, and feeling like I made a new friend.
  3. Learning how to cook ribs. (I'll post about that later--maybe. Depends on how things turn out.)
  4. Along with #3, improvisation. In dance and in cooking. :)
  5. My dawgs, Old Fat Gus and Cal the One-Nut Wonder.
  6. Ad following in my footsteps and already being head-over-heels for books.
  7. Getting my run done at work so I can enjoy my family.
  8. Four straight days of running. Yay!
  9. My giant, awesome TV.
  10. Jesse James. *sigh*
  11. Being asked today to go to Disneyland, again, for work.
  12. Being healthy.
  13. Smart, funny, appreciative kids at the AP review today.
  14. Being done with today's AP review.
  15. Sushi lunch!
  16. Hank, hopping around the kitchen with chocolate fingers.
  17. Contact lenses.
  18. Motorcycles, and the men who ride them.
  19. ^ Okay, I meant E. ^
  20. My family. I am loved, and I love it.


  1. As part of a team to accept the California State Distinguished School Award, which they present at Disneyland! I worked on the application, so I get to go. :)