Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wanted: Couch potato night

It ain't happenin' tonight though. Didn't happen last night because I was lucky enough to have an evening alone with E, and we went out to Mikuni. Great, but not restful. It's been two days since my show ended and I have yet to sit and veg. Tonight it won't happen because I have a meeting for the upcoming Disneyland trip. I have to give the parents a chance to look at me and decide I know what I am doing.

I just want to sit on my couch and be a lazy bum! Right now I'm waiting for Mimi to bring back the kids. No idea what time she's supposed to be here. I called E and I can't get a hold of him--in fact, I thought he was home so I was locked out when I got here.

Bonus: I saw Marmalade, the old lady cat. Apparently she's still alive. I'm glad. I hadn't seen her in a while. When that happens lately, I start to wonder.

Edited at 7:30 to add: Just finished the meeting at school. I forget sometimes how YOUNG these girls are. They certainly don't think they are, but then I see them with their parents--many of them are flying for the first time, traveling for the first time, their parents are letting go for the first time... it's so interesting. I get used to all the girl drama at school and I forget that in so many ways they are babies. Even the seniors. It should be a good trip. I just had to get through that meeting. I feel like I have to prove to parents that I am responsible, and despite my appearance, not a kid. I think I passed the test. It's going to be a great trip. Who doesn't love Disneyland?


  1. Marmalade is still alive?!

  2. Yep. She's a billion years old and she looks like Hell, but she's still kicking. Amazing, since she was my 15th birthday present!

  3. Um, I really wish I had the mula to go to Disney Land this weekend. Sammi is going with you, right? Jealous! And Kailyne said she is going with Kelsey...man I hate being poor.

    I'm glad you passed the test.

    And I live in Folsom, so I went to Massage Envy out here on E Bidwell.