Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday bike ride

I suppose this could be called Sunday and Monday bike rides, since we just got back from dinner out on the bike, but the pics are from yesterday. Auntie was watching the monkeys, so we were able to get out for a while. It was unfortunate that I had my show and wasn't one bit of fun on Saturday, because Saturday was wind-free and about 80 degrees. Yesterday was a craptasticly windy day. Let's be honest though, I wasn't going to turn E down when he wanted to spend the day with me. Even though I was so sore from show stress I could barely walk. Even though all I wanted to do was sleep and watch TV while shoveling Breyers' Cookie Dough Ice Cream into my mouth. Couldn't turn down the day date. 'Specially on the bike.

Yesterday kind of threw me for a loop though. I still haven't ridden a ton, even though we've had the bike since about August. Being separated and thinking we were over kinda put a damper on the whole Harley thing. I really hadn't ridden in strong wind yet.

I love the bike. I really do. But it is still sometimes a fear-conquering thing for me. I have a healthy respect for it. And for me, sometimes healthy respect + unreasonable fear = anxiety. Case in point: I've been kind of freaked out since I got back from Riverside. I was so tired that I zonked out on the plane on the way home, and since nobody was next to me, I was stretched across the entire row--sideways. Awesome for comfort, but not awesome for landing. Especially since I was horizontal and in a zen state of REM sleep at that point. I can't believe the stewardess didn't ask me to sit up, put my tray table in an upright position, blah blah blah. So when we hit (and it was a rough landing), I was SURE that was the end of me. I was really shaken when I got off the plane. Adding to my anxiety was the fact that right after I got off the plane, I heard about the plane crash involving three families and their children. And then the next day I heard that one of the women was from my town.

I am not a complete idiot. I realize none of that has anything to do with the bike, but I was just a little anxious. Not that I was a rebel before, but having these two monkeys means I am hyper-sensitive to my own safety. It ain't about me, at this point.

So I was a bit nervous about the wind. It was really strong once we hit the freeway, and it felt like it was going to blow us over. When we were riding into it, E's head was bobbing a bit from taking the brunt. I think if it's a while before I ride in wind, that would be okay.

Here's our route. It was a beautiful ride. I'd never been down one of these roads and it was just so peaceful--rolling hills, cows (I love the cows!), lots of poppies. I love all the houses tucked away in the countryside and all the livestock in the pasture looking at us like really? you're gonna ride through my turf? as we cruise by. I didn't want to make E stop so I could take a pic, but my favorite thing yesterday were all the abandoned chimneys. Chimneys where houses must once have stood, just looking sad and forgotten.

There were lots of great things about yesterday: spending QT with the E man? Check. Really dark, like so dark you can chew on it beer? Check. Awesome BBQ lunch at a mom-and-pop joint? Check. Riding for the first time with my ipod in? Check, check, checkety check. Overall, a good day. My thighs are just kind of sore from the Suzanne-Somers squeeze I had on the bike to steady myself.

Good times.

Doesn't he kind of look like a lego guy?

Coincidence? You decide.


  1. Hopefully he's not as easy to dismantle as a LEGO man. Also, what kind of beer was it? Homebrew at the cafe?

    And lastly, nice line about the chimneys--my little English major heart got all warm and fuzzy. Although I think I might have written it as: Chimneys where houses must once have stood, just looking sad and forgotten. (Swaps positions of "have" and "once." What's the word for that swap? Starts with trans-) I dunno, sounds more Tolkien that way, and it belongs in a Tolkien novel to be sure.

  2. Nothing fancy... A Beck's Dark, I think? I like anything dark and chewy when it comes to beer.

    I took the edit. Thanks. Transpose? Is that the word you're looking for?

    Yes. A Tolkien novel about motorcycle-riding hobbits. Win. :)