Monday, March 16, 2009

Stream of blogschiousness

So, ehrm, uh... I'm sitting here eating sunflower seeds, watching last night's Celebrity Apprentice on my TiVo. There's a turkey breast in the oven and some rice in the rice cooker. Did I mention that I love anything having to do with rice and/or gravy? Wellido. I feel like I need to apologize in advance for the next two weeks of posting (or not). It's just going to be busy time, so I'm not promising much. Not that I ever am, honestly. I read a lot of blogs, and here are some things that my blog is NOT:

1) informative
2) funny
3) instructional
4) relevant

That relieves some of the pressure, doesn't it? Then I can just post janky photos of myself, taken by my daughter, and I can stream my unconsciousness to my little heart's content.

You know who I like on this show? That guy who is married to Sandra Bullock. The motorcycle guy. What's his name? I like him. I think this is some kind of transference--my liking motorcycle guys in general, ergo I like him. But he's pretty normal. I like it.

These brides are making me wish I had a tan.

Everything's better when you're tan. Well, not your skin health, but you feel and look better. I feel skinnier when I'm tan.

I'm kind of starting to get excited about the next few weeks. Thursday I leave for Riverside with the Mock Trial Team, then it's my show, then on to Disneyland the weekend after that... and SPRING BREAK!!! WOOHOO!

(Are you kidding me? You didn't think I was going to party, right? I'm going to be asleep from April 5 to April 11. Just FYI.)

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