Saturday, March 14, 2009

A little love for my homies

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Last year I danced with a Contemporary Dance Company in Sacramento called CORE Dance Collective. It is a phenomenal company that has, in only two years, become one of the most amazing things Sacramento has to offer in terms of dance.

CORE is an emotionally and technically driven professional company, and it is unlike anything you have ever seen. Artistic Director Kelli Leighton is truly gifted, and the dancers (who are all volunteers, by the way) are just amazing. They come from a variety of professional dance backgrounds, and the company is able to really move its audience through expressing an emotional connection with the music, and each other. It will blow you away.

I just want to encourage you to give it a look. I can't dance with them as of right now, but I wish them all the best. I am going to be there... it would be great to see you there too. Please check it out. If you can't go, or you don't live in the area, consider donating. CORE is a nonprofit, and survives only on donations.

I really believe you will be touched by it.

Thanks for listening,

Undefined Existence
April 17 & 18, 7:30 PM
Benvenuti Performing Arts Center
4600 Blackrock Dr
Sacramento, CA 95835
Presale $14 adult, $12 student/child/senior
At the door $16/$14
for more information or to make a donation:

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